My name is Richard Griesinger.  During the 50 years I lived in Pinellas County, Florida, I was never harassed by local law enforcement until just after the divorcing/soon to be ex-wife (Jennifer Brunner) of a high ranking member of the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office (Major Kirk Brunner) started coming over to my house after we began dating.  My ex-girlfriend and I were harassed by PCSO vehicles parked near my house for about six weeks (illegal, but understandable).  But I was not harassed by local law enforcement during the next five years (the summer of 2008), just days after a relationship-related event.  (The ex-husband had retired a few months earlier). 

The extent and methods of harassment against me since 2008 - both in Pinellas County, Florida and out of the country - have been novel-like and, therefore have plausible deniability (except for the few incidents which I documented).  After I moved from Pinellas County, I now realize that the harassment reaches much further up.  Some incidents have been so bizarre that just recounting them raises eyebrows, no doubt intended.  It was a waste of taxpayers' dollars and misuse of public manpower, time, vehicles, and other public resources in Pinellas County.  Although they didn't know it, the taxpayers of Pinellas County, Florida were financing a personal vendetta against me.  Surprisingly, the psychological harassment by individuals in the community continues even though I moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand in September 2014.  On March 19, 2015, I emailed the U.S. Consulate's office in Chiang Mai about harassment which began by Americans, about this website, and my reasonable belief that the harassment is the work of corrupt persons associated with the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community.  On May 24, 2017, I emailed the Consulate's Office about text which (I noticed in December 2016) was hacked/inserted into my Google Doc entitled "CM (Chiang Mai) Diary").  The text began "The number of people despising me here in Chiang Mai is astonishing," contained a lot of text about evangelicals, and ended with "lighten up and live longer."  I contend, that the hacked text was created by corrupt persons associated with the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community.  On June 18, 2017, I emailed the Consulate's Office about an anonymous online article about me entitled "In re Richard Griesinger, Esq.: an online defamation and libel" posted online in November 2016.  I contend that the article, which was a hyperbolic attack of my 20 point criticism of a shoddy gangstalking study by Drs. Sheridan and James, was created by the same community.  On April 20, 2018, I emailed the Consulate's Office about another anonymous, hyperbolic article about my criticism of the Sheridan and James study - "Former Clearwater Florida City Attorney criticicizes Dr. Lorraine Sheridan' on gang stalking..." which was posted online in October 2016.  It is fairly easy to spot phony online articles about organized psychological harassment to confuse the public about the actual harassment committed
by corrupt persons associated with the above U.S. community - (1) The articles have anonymous authors; (2) The articles are filled with over-the-top, hyperbolic languages; (3) The articles contain only general information about organized harassment, but, do not contain specific verifiable facts about harassment against the authors, of course.

I discussed why I moved to Chiang Mai in the Concluding Thoughts of this website.  I cannot prove it, but I believe that many of those harassing me here are American Christian evangelicals, among others.  I know that evangelicals harassed me in Pinellas County, discussed below.  (Again, my website is not a commentary about the Thai police or government).  Because the organized group harassment now is very similar what I experienced in Pinellas County, it must be directed and financed by the corrupt members in, or associated with the above U.S. community.  One similarity is that several people have harassed me using information regarding the specific contents of, and activities in, my residence - similar to the allegations of Jeffrey Kantor in his lawsuit (below).   (A typical example, two guys seated near me in a McDonald's in Pinellas County loudly discussed how a man sleeps with a pillow between his legs, which I do to reduce the pressure point of my knees).  How those harassing are communicating with one another, I don't know, perhaps by social media such as Facebook, cellphones, etc., who knows.  Several whistleblowers, such as former FBI counter-intelligence agent Michael German, have stated the type of illegal psychological harassment and "dirty tricks" committed by the FBI under its Cointelpro program, exposed in 1975 by the U.S. Senate "Church Committee," have, not only continued, but have expanded after 9-11 because of the undefined and almost unaccountable powers granted by the Patriot Act, executive orders, etc.  On January 31, 2017, The Intercept published fairly recent FBI files which revealed that the FBI continues extra-judicial, Cointelpro-like tactics (e.g., "disruption" of targeted individuals) continues.  A year or so after I filed my addendum to the FBI, I read online that the subtle type of organized  harassment against me by ordinary community members is variously referred to as cause stalking, vigilante stalking, community mobbing, public mobbing, street theater, organized stalking, organized harassment, organized psychological harassment, and as gangstalking.  I contend that most websites, online articles and posts were written as intentional disinformation.  Top secret documents revealed by Edward Snowden are "how to" manuals prepared by the British equivalent of NSA - the GCHQ - how to discredit individuals and topics online by flooding the internet with phony websites, etc..  Many such websites, etc. write of mind reading and mind control, which I dismiss.  (Most likely, predictive behavior is involved based upon surveillance, both online and physically.  That is, surveillance is used to harass individuals).  I believe that a legitimate site is, discussed below.

Group psychological harassment was perfected by the East German secret police known as Stasi (dissolved in 1990 when Germany reunified).  The harassment was known as "Zersetzung' which literally means "decomposition."  I was astonished when I read that a typical Zersetzung scenario was nearly identical to what I endured -  (1)  slander and character assassinate the individual (in my case, the smear of being a pedophile); (2)  threaten, intimidate, and harass the person (in my case, by members of local law enforcement, then later by other members of local government and by ordinary community members); (3)  ensure no investigation takes place (in my case, neither the FBI, nor the local police, investigated my detailed complaints and denied that I was harassed, let alone smeared); (4)  discredit the individual when he/she publicly complains (allegations of being "paranoid," e.g., as in my below youtube entitled "Police Harassment and Group Stalking", being "delusional" and/or "paranoid schizophrenic."  For example, several pre-Snowden NSA whistleblowers were "diagnosed" by NSA so-called professionals as being "paranoid," delusional," "psychotic," etc.  but were all later vindicated.  Based upon a phone conversation with my nephew , I deduced that law enforcement is trying to cover their illegal hacking, harassment, etc. by trying to discredit me.  I was diagnosed by my deceased doctor as having, at the most, a low level, level 2 bipolar disorder - which is at the other end of the spectrum from the common usage of the term "bipolar."  Despite my attempts and in contravention of Florida Administrative Rule 6488-10.001 and Florida Statute 456.057, I was informed by the records department of the State of Florida Department of Health that it did not have any of my doctor's records.  I called two times and within months of my doctor's death); and (5)  cover-up.  

Similar to people raising eyebrows now about my writing about the organized group harassment against me -  When I told people a few years ago that my harassment included the hacking of my iphone, and that its microphone and camera were being accessed to harass me (below), nobody believed me and thought I was off my rocker.  That was before Edward Snowden revealed that the NSA (and thousands of private contractors working for the NSA) have real time access to the internet access of millions of people.  Snowden revealed that one's iphone's microphone and camera can easily be accessed real time by a NSA program called Dropout Jeep.  Likewise, people also thought I was off my rocker when I told them a few years ago that my car's electronics (via its computer presumably) were hacked to harass me (discussed below).  But several recent articles demonstrate that it can be remotely done.  I can't prove who has hacked my iphone, emails, my car's computer, etc. but only members of the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office (or person(s) for them, e.g., private contractors or others in the intelligence network) have the motive to harass me.  Much of the harassment by hacking was specific to facts which occurred to me in PInellas County and specific contents and activity in my home.  This type of psychological harassment was experienced by a well-paid private contractor in Virginia, Jeffrey Kantor, doing work for the federal government was similar in nature to what I have experienced.  He searched online how to build a remote-controlled airplane a couple of weeks before his son's birthday.  Because the Google auto-search feature changed his search to how to build a remote-controlled bomb, he was not only surveilled, but also subjected to bizarre, psychological harassment and lost his job.  Perhaps the surveillance in his home was justified, but certainly not the psychological harassment which was, in part, based upon private facts obtained from the surveillance which was somehow illegally revealed to his co-workers and others.  Mr. Kantor's federal lawsuit alleged that co-workers (all having security clearances) repeated back specific information about the contents and activity in his residence, a co-worker told him he was going to hell because he viewed pornography online, and other bizarre harassment (factual allegations - paragraphs 6-43).  That Mr. Kantor's lawsuit was eventually dismissed does not diminish the veracity of his allegations because, like pre-Snowden whistleblowers, Mr. Kantor lacked documentation.  No doubt, his defense firm prohibited employees from bringing recorders and smartphones into the workplace.  Canada and other countries have enacted legislation, based upon extensive research, defining and prohibiting group psychological harassment ("mobbing").

Beginning in 2008, for the first year and half or so, I was harassed, almost daily, by local law enforcement vehicles (particularly those of the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office).  Some of the police harassment was verified in writing by my ex-girlfriend.  The nature of the vehicular harassment is discussed below.  The harassment has become more subtle, for lack of a better term, by people in everyday places (ostensibly not in law enforcement), no doubt acting on law enforcement's behalf.  Some of these people I know (e.g., the "harassing call" youtube), but most people I don't know (e.g., my youtube "Police Harassment and Group Stalking").  I have also been impliedly threatened with selective enforcement of the law and with disability (discussed below).

Because local law enforcement has tried, and will continue to try, to marginalize and discredit me, I quote from two online reviews about me -  "Rick was very helpful and kept me calm and clear headed when I was going through my divorce.  Everything went as smooth as a divorce for anyone could be" (posted in 2011).  "He was, and has been, the best lawyer, I believe, I could have had.  He was conscientious, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and, most of all, honest with me at all times, both good and bad." (posted in 2009).

My ex-girlfriend's husband told her when I first represented her - "You don't know who you're fooling with" and "I've got the goods on your attorney."  My ex-girlfriend directed me to put these statements in a letter to her husband's attorney, which I did by letter, dated March 17, 2003.  I wrote that the attorney's client was acting like Senator Joseph McCarthy by telling his wife "I've got the goods on your attorney."  Senator McCarthy and his cohorts smeared innocent people in the 1950's by reaching false conclusions to fit their false assumptions in a mob environment, and often intentionally misused facts when needed, all without any accountability).  (According to Jennifer, her ex-husband blamed me - the "attorney boyfriend" - for the divorce throughout our relationship.  She said he was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder.  She said one reason she filed for divorce was because she saw him fondling his secretary at a party.  Jennifer also told me he viewed the world in black and white terms like many other cops).  

As I wrote above, we were first harassed when she started coming over to my house in 2003 by Pinellas County Sheriff's Office detective cars parked by my house for over a month - illegal, but understandable.  We were harassed many other times such as the night I gave her an engagement ring years later.  Our vehicles were vandalized the night she moved in.  There were many other police-related incidents involving my relationship with my ex-girlfriend, but there have been hundreds against me alone.  My website discusses only a few incidents of police misconduct.  My ex-girlfriend verified some of them in writing (link and discussion below).  The vandalism occurred after the writing.  I have been falsely smeared (sub-surface) as a pedophile, child molester, and a potential one by individuals through innuendos (e.g., the "harassing call" youtube below), although law enforcement denies even harassing me.  No doubt, the ex-husband, with help from his cohorts, "stirred up the porn pot" against me for revenge.  I viewed a lot of adult consenting porn, some gay, including when I was a Big Brother.  (The Big Brothers/Big Sisters application contained a waiver allowing law enforcement to monitor my computer, presumably in real time).  I would never have a gay or bisexual encounter, although it's nobody's business.  But more importantly, I have never thought of children sexually -  surreal to write.  Any test or assessment would show this.  I did not discuss or show porn with my Little Brother, of course.  I was a good Big Brother.  (A few statistics about online porn viewing in the U.S., which are outdated so they're probably higher now -  80 million people in the U.S. view it; 40 million view it regularly.  Utah has the highest subscription rate for paid online porn sites of any state.  Half of Christian men view it.  Fundamentalist Christians are much more likely to view it than non-fundamentalists).  The truth doesn't matter to the ex-husband and his cohorts - revenge is the motive.  But the truth should matter to those who have harassed me in "good faith" (an oxymoron), but I've learned that it does not.  Typical of a smear, I cannot "confront" my "accusers, " although I have tried.  For example. three years ago I asked the head of Pinellas County Sheriff's Office sex offender unit to test/assess me, at my expense, and to provide me names of professionals relied on by her office, but she declined.  No person, during the past six years, has had the decency to speak with me in a real conversation or allow me the opportunity to disprove the smear. 

My efforts to hire local professionals to disprove the smear were always interfered with by, or on behalf of, members of local law enforcement.  For example, in 2013 I hired and paid a polygraph examiner, James T. Orr (Tampa Polygraph Services, LLC) to test me regarding past police-related incidents and to rule out child-related matters.  Because of the ongoing police harassment, Mr. Orr's background as a police officer was a negative to me, but I thought his FBI background was a positive and that he would be objective - I was wrong.  His bias against me was revealed during the pre-test interview, so there was no polygraph exam.  When we first spoke by phone, I asked Mr. Orr if he could test me regarding the above matters.  He replied not in the same test so, of course, I assumed he could do so in separate tests.  Bu​t, surprisingly, during the pre-test interview Mr. Orr said police harassment incidents couldn't be tested because the term was a legal conclusion and involves several incidents.  Well, of course, but specific past incidents involving police, and most other matters, certainly can be tested, although separate testing would be required.  But, even more surprising, Mr. Orr said he didn't believe me - that I was harassed by police as I discussed with him.  Yes, he told me that.  Whether he was lying or telling the truth doesn't matter.  It was a highly inappropriate and unprofessional thing to tell a client during a pre-test interview.  I later called another polygraph examiner who also had a police background (as most examiners do) and asked him if police harassment, similar to mine, ever occurred while he was a cop.  He didn't answer directly and only said that he retired from law ​enforcement years ago and was now a polygraph examiner.  His reply told me he knew of similar harassment, but didn't want to talk about it.  Although it was apparent that the polygraph exam wasn't going to happen, Mr. Orr, nevertheless, asked me two questions which confirmed to me that he was fielding for law enforcement in an underhanded way.  His question - Why did I become a Big Brother - was the most surreal question I've ever been asked.  (The most surreal "conversation" I've had was with retired Judge George Greer; discussed below).  I answered - for the same reason I started taking my dog to a nursing home.  In a real conversation, my desire to volunteer would be apparent.  He then asked if I was gay or bisexual, and I answered no.  Wouldn't it be much easier for those in law enforcement who actually believe I am, or might be, a pedophile, to simply talk with me (I'd even accept an interrogation) and to test/assess me as I have requested many times?  Of course, regarding those officers who have harassed me because of a personal vendetta, the truth is unimportant.  A few days after the pre-test interview, I called an out-of-state polygraph examiner who didn't have a law enforcement background, but worked with police.  He cautioned me that a person in my situation (who angered a powerful officer) should never hire a polygraph examiner with a law enforcement background because of the "thin blue line."  I never heard that expression, but I knew what he meant. 

Other examples of interference with my attempts to be tested and assessed by private professionals to disprove the insidious smear of my being a pedophile and to confirm my mental acuity (which was under attack, of course) are the following -  I called Dr. Robert J. Wilson who is a recognized pedophilia expert.  His office is located in Sarasota, Florida which is located near my prior residence.  I discussed, at some length, the smear, the police harassment, my dating my ex-girlfriend, my being a Big Brother, my extensive viewing of porn online, including some gay porn, that I never had or would have a gay encounter, etc.  Although Dr. Wilson may possibly deny it now, as soon as he said that homosexuality and pedophilia are not correlated, his phone rang and he went offline line for a few minutes.  When he got back on the line, his demeanor was very different.  Another example involved a Pinellas County polygraph examiner Arno Hovarth.  I briefly discussed my situation with him.  Mr Horvath was kind enough to inform me that his office was located close to the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office and that the Sheriff's Office was a client.  Because of his honesty, I continued talking with him to hire him.  I had spoken with a couple of out-of-state polygraph examiners about my situation.  They strongly advised me to obtain a copy of all underlying records from any polygraph examiner in addition to the final report, especially the "charts."  so that another examiner could review for accuracy.  As soon as I asked Mr. Horvath if he would provide my his charts, and before he answered, our phone conversation was interrupted by a phone call to him.  When Mr. Horvath got back on the line, he informed me that he could not provide me the charts.  Another example, involved a Tampa psychologist, Dr. Laura Umfer, who I wanted to test/assess me to disprove the smear against me and to confirm my mental acuity and competency.  After having previously spoken with her by phone, I made a reasonable request (which was at the heart of the false assumptions against me) - to only determine in her final report or conclusion whether I had or did not have a predisposition toward pedophilia (which I don't).  I reasonably said that she would had to fully explore and test/assess everything about me including my online porn activities, but that the ultimate issue is not my porn activities, but pedophilia.  Dr. Umfer retorted that I had no right to tell her how to run her office.  I later spoke with an out-of-state psychologist in the field who told me my request was certainly reasonable.  The above type of incidents often happened when I spoke with professionals and even with friends and family members.  

I believe that my attempts to disprove the smear of being a pedophile were interfered with because the last thing those smearing me (i.e., the ex-husband through his cohorts) wanted was the truth to be revealed.  False smears cannot exist if they are subjected to scrutiny.  

The timing of the police harassment - that is, the events which occurred just before the harassment started in 2003 and 2008 - tells me the ex-husband was behind it.  The first time I was harassed was in 2003 - just days after my ex-girlfriend started coming to my house (again, illegal, but understandable).  The next harassment began five years later in 2008.  The ex-husband is the only reason why it restarted five years later.  Just a few days before the police harassment restarted in 2008, I vented (cursed) about my ex-girlfriend in her house.  I knew she was in her backyard, but I later learned that her daughter was home outside, heard me through an open side window, and was very upset.  The ex-husband had retired months earlier.  (My ex-girlfriend had her issues and moments as well, like screaming non-stop for minutes because I drove her SUV through an unmanned toll booth; we didn't have change but I promised to pay any fine.  She would often get angry for no apparent reason, nearly headbutting me once.  Jennifer believed she had abilities that no other person had,  that her dreams could predict the future, and that wars, famine, and epidemics had a positive side by limiting world population growth).  I accept the police harassment in 2003, but not that beginning during the summer of 2008.  

On September 5, 2008, ​I saw my family doctor, Bindu Thomas, M.D., due to slight chest pains that were due to the ongoing police harassment.  I requested and received her office notes in 2013.  They only stated that my non-medical reason for seeing her was "personal" so I asked for a letter from Dr. Thomas specifying the reason if she recalled.  Surprisingly, her assistant wrote the office manager that I wanted Dr. Thomas to change her office note.  I replied by email - "I did not; it is a record that cannot be changed ... I simply requested ... a letter verifying the non-medical reason ... was police harassment, if she recalled."

The following are examples of other people harassed by a group of "law enforcement" officers -

----   In 2011, Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Donna Watts stopped a Miami Police cruiser which was speeding over 120 mph through traffic.  Because the driver ignored her siren and flashing lights for miles, she pulled him over with her gun drawn, not knowing if the cruiser was stolen.  Her federal lawsuit, filed in 2012 alleging a conspiracy and other police misconduct, states that, just because she stopped the off duty cop, she was stalked and harassed by Miami cops for several months.  Her neighbors informed her that strange looking cars and police cruisers began idling on and driving through her cul-de-sac; human feces  was smeared on a FHP cruiser; she received numerous threats and crank calls on her unlisted phones; police vehicles followed her on and off duty; dozens of cops illegally accessed her personal information in a database; her supervisors informed her it may not be safe to return to road patrol; she became afraid to open her mailbox and start her car; she had dry heaves and nausea; she stopped going to public places where officers would probably be present, she effectively began living like a hermit.  (Those agencies which settled pre-suit weren't named as defendants).  Below are a link to an article about Trooper Watts' experience and a link to her lawsuit (of note are paragraphs 170-182 and 332-339).  Another female Florida law enforcement officer, Toni Foudy, made similar allegations of organized harassment by numerous Florida law enforcement officers. 

---   Recently (May 2, 2014), ABC News' 20/20 aired a t.v. segment entitled "Home Sweet Home? / Krlich vs. Everybody."  The Krlichs are husband and wife realtors who live in Hubbard, Ohio.  Among other things, they buy and rent out homes in the area.  Mr. Krlich once offered to purchase property half-owned by his neighbor who is the town's fire chief.  The chief was offended by the offer and, in retaliation, began a campaign of systematic harassment against the Krlichs.  He not only enlisted the help of his cohorts in the fire department, but also members of the police department and many ordinary community members.  One aspect of the harassment against the Krlichs - honking horns in front of the Krlichs' home at all hours of the day and night - has occurred for the past seven years.  Video taken by the Krlichs show police cruisers, fire trucks, even school buses, and ordinary vehicles honking horns.  The similarities between the harassment against the Krlichs and me are striking -  We have both been systematically harassed by members of local law enforcement, the fire department and other public entities, as well as by many other community members for several years.  We both were initially targeted by a powerful member of local government (and, coincidentally, a neighbor) as a result of a personal vendetta.  The differences between the Krlichs' harassment and mine are - The extent and level of harassment against me have been much greater, and the reasons are different, of course.  (Yesterday, September 9, 2014, Mr. Krlich and I had a long phone conversation.  He said his harassment was also covered by the British equivalent of 20/20, that his harassment has involved more than honking, and that a local police officer privately said that fellow officers participated in the harassment.  Mr. Krlich was astonished by the similarities of our experiences).  A federal lawsuit (Krlich vs. Taafe, et. al.; link) was filed on behalf of Mr. Krlich in February, 2017.  

                                                Segment re the Krlichs  (ABC News 20/20)

--   Jane Clift called police in Slough, England in 2006 to complain about a man who was damaging a city-owned garden.  Feeling ignored by an official, she had strong words, hung up, and wrote a strongly worded letter.  In retaliation, she was labelled a "potentially violent person" on a secret blacklist which was distributed to doctors, libraries, schools, etc. throughout the city.  Ms. Clift lost her job, but won her lawsuit. 

----   When contract negotiations broke down between the City of Stockton, California and police in 2011, the police union bought a house next door to City Manager Bob Deis in retaliation.  It was the only house ever purchased by the union.  Trees on his border were cut down by a cop manning a backhoe during a backyard party of the Deis' family.  Noisy remodeling began.  A bumper sticker was attached to Mr. Deis' car of a boy urinating on a pair of dice (Deis is pronounced Dice).  The FBI is investigating an alleged conspiracy to hack into Mr. Deis' email account to plant information.


                                          News report about police harassment of  City Manager Deis

​----    Per the BBC news, a Katie Bowman reported the advances of a police officer in 2007.  In retaliation, the jilted officer told her "I can make your life hell" and did so with the help of his cohorts.  Police officers systematically harassed her for two and a half years.  She was stopped dozens of times for breathalyzer testing (she doesn't drink alcohol), her car was seized many times, and she lost her job.  Her father said "Her life was made an utter misery with all this harassment by a gang - but a gang in police uniform." He also said  "They have a gang mentality and part of Katie's problem is that she complained and then the gang bandied around to support itself."

---    Former New Jersey State Trooper Justin Hopson was a rookie of 11 days when he witnessed his training officer arrest a woman for DUI.  Knowing the woman wasn't the driver, Trooper Hopson and refused to testify.  That when the secret organization - the "Lords of Discipline" - consisting of fellow troopers started their harassment campaign against him.  Trooper Hopson received threatening phone calls, crank calls, fellow troopers drove by his home late at night , shown their spotlights in his bedroom, and minutes later his phone would ring.  Trooper Hopson was shunned by fellow officers, he bought a gun to protect himself, etc.  He settled his lawsuit for $400,000.  Those who do not believe that secret, KKK-like networks exist within U.S. law enforcement, should the view Justin Hopson's youtube.                                                                            

>>      "My internet access[, email, iphone, even my car's computer (yes)] has been hacked, for the purpose of harassing me, in several ways.  I cannot prove that [members of] local law enforcement [or others acting on its behalf] are behind it, but no others have the motive.  Also, the nature of the hacking has been specific to the facts discussed in my addendum.  At a hearing (Czech v. Czech) before Circuit Judge Jack Helinger in 2010), my iphone started playing music at the instant the judge asked me for my input.  My ex-girlfriend's iphone also began playing music on its own. I researched how this was possible and found a program [called Flexispy], available to the public, which allows a person to turn on another's iphone, listen to and view its surroundings through the microphone and camera if the program is installed on the subject iphone.   [Recent news has revealed an NSA program called 'Dropout Jeep ' permits the remote hacking of any iphone by accessing its microphone and camera to listen and view to the surroundings.  This was similar to what I wrote in my color of law complaint long before the news report.  Images on my ex-girlfriend's iphone and mine started appearing much larger than normal rendering them temporarily unuseable.  An Apple tech told me that this was only possible, without hacking, by a 'three finger tap.' ..  The electronics of my [prior] car's computer [a BMW 650i] were also hacked.  Yes.  In 2009, several times, I noticed that the driver's side, outside mirror had been moved all the way down and all the way to the inside as I was driving shortly after I started my car.  This, of course, created a dangerous situation.  I informed my ex-girlfriend of this and she told me the same thing happened recently to her SUV [although she blamed the problem only on her vehicle].  Another example of the hacking of my car's electronics - The top preset station in my XM radio display was changed from '50's on 5' (1950's music on channel 5) to the 'The Dead' (Grateful Dead channel), the station below was changed from '60's on 6'  (1960's music on channel 6) to 'The Heat' (R&B channel which I never listened to).  A person told me later that 'heat' is slang for law enforcement or a gun.  I later researched how the hell the hacking could have been done.  I found a study by the University of California, San Diego, which concluded that a decent hacker could easily remotely disable a car's engine, brakes, etc.  [Today, September 22, 2015, I read three articles restating that a car's computer system, including a pre-2011BMW 650i, can be easily hacked.   

[Another example of hacking, but not involving my car -] When I inputted a calendar event into my iphone's Outlook calendar, I set the first alert (e.g., 'two days before'), then the second alert (e.g., '[one or] two hours before').  My alerts were switched several times causing me to miss appointments.  (See my youtube entitled "Police Harassment and Iphone Hacking, etc.").  An Apple tech searched his database (including Outlook calendar issues) and informed me it was not a known issue.  [The hacking of my internet access has significantly interfered with my life, e.g., inability to sell items through ebay and Craigslist, seek employment online, meet a woman online through, etc.].  [Another incident of many involving my iphone, although not hacking,] I received six [identical] one word recorded message - 'goodbye' - in a woman's voice.  An AT&T tech listened to, and confirmed, the voicemails she could access.  (I received the voicemails on December 19, 2012 at 9:12 a.m., December 26, 2012 at 2;10 a.m., December 28, 2012 at 9:28 a.m., January 3, 2013 at 9:46 a.m., January 4, 2013 at 10:37 a.m., and on January 4, 2013 at 10:45 a.m,).  I cannot prove that these or other harassing phone calls and voicemails were made a member of the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office, or someone on his behalf, but no others had the motive and the harassment tied in to my situation).  (Listen to my youtube "Police Harassment and a Harassing Voicemail")."

>>     "The following were typical examples of the overt, vehicular harassment [by local law enforcement] -  [The vehicular harassment rarely involved traffic stops.  When it first started in 2008, I would often see officers talking on their cell phones in their cruisers, perhaps to avoid being heard or recorded].  While I was driving north on McMullen Booth Road on my way to my ex-girlfriend's house in Clearwater, two law enforcement cruisers (I'm not sure whether Clearwater Police Department or Pinellas County Sheriff's Office) were driving behind me with their roof lights flashing, but without siren on.  The cruisers past me, pulled into separate medians, stayed in them, and then made slow u-turns at the same time. There was almost no traffic; it was daytime.  I then drove to Curlew Road, turned left (west), and was pulling into the left turn lane at the Landmark Blvd. intersection when I saw a [Pinellas County Sheriff's Office] deputy sheriff's cruiser stopped in the lane.  It was the only vehicle there, the light was green, and there was little traffic coming from the opposite direction.  I had to beep my horn twice to get the cruiser to move.  It slowly made a u-turn.  I told my ex-girlfriend about the above immediately afterwards.  An incident which occurred shortly after the vehicular harassment began - A [Pinellas County Sheriff's Office] deputy sheriff cruiser was parked on the grassy part of the median in S.R. 580 in front of the entrance of my subdivision at the North Bay Hills Blvd. stop sign.  It was nighttime; the cruiser didn't have its headlights on.  As I entered the median, the cruiser drove off the grass and I wanted to get his tag number.  He drove west on S.R. 580 and made a u-turn at the first opening and circled back slowly to where we 'started;' and we actually circled slowly one more time.  The deputy sheriff allowed me to follow him.  Surprisingly, the officer did not get out of his cruiser or turn his alley lights on, or anything else.  Rather, he just slowly drove off (west on S.R. 580).  No law enforcement officer would permit such a situation to occur, except as harassment.  He was there to harass me.  Numerous times, a [Pinellas County Sheriff's Office] sheriff deputy cruiser or a detective car would drive by on S.R. 580, almost the instant I stopped at the stop sign at the North Bay Hills Blvd./S.R. 580 as I was leaving my subdivision.  I've lived in my subdivision for over 20 years and this never happened before.  One time, a [Pinellas County Sheriff's Office] deputy cruiser was racing to get to the stop sign at the next side street in my neighborhood, no doubt, to be stopped there as I passed.  However, his timing was off a bit and he inadvertently came to rest a few feet through the stop sign in my path."

My youtube published on December 11, 2013 - "Police Harassment and a Secret Underground Club - Pinellas County, Florida" ​To begin, secret underground club are not my words, but those of Dr. Michelle Zetoony, D.O. (St. Petersburg, Florida). I briefly saw her in 2012 to renew sleep medication because my doctor died. (Nudell is her former surname). She initially asked me, reasonably enough, if I had any anxiety and I answered yes. I told Dr. Zetoony about the police harassment against me, of the smear of being a pedophile (which, in retrospect, she was aware of and was the reason for her insidious and unethical harassment) that I had to recently close my law office due to hacking of my office's internet access, and that my home is now in foreclosure as a result.  She did not know I was recording her.  Dr. Zetoony, who advertises as a "sleep solutions doctor," insisted on telling me that a secret underground club of law enforcement officers is occurring in “multitude kinds of ways, in ways that you are not even seeing or appreciating because it is happening on another level, outside of your realm.” If you don’t believe she said that - listen to her in my youtube.  No "sleep solutions doctor" would speak in such terms to a new patient, or to any other patient for that matter, unless she were knowledgeable and involved. In hindsight,  Dr. Zetoony was describing, in a general way, the organized harassment (including psychological harassment by ordinary people in everyday places) that later occurred in Pinellas County and continues even though I am now living in another country.  I discussed several harassing incidents with Dr. Zetoony and showed her some junk email ads I received for a few months, somehow hacked to me, for rubber hoses, broken teeth repair, disability, toxicology, motorized scooters, funeral homes, funeral directors, funeral networks, funeral professionals, etc. (I have received many junk emailed ads, somehow hacked to me, regarding personal matters which were occurring at the time). Dr. Zetoony agreed by telling me - "...The junk mails is kind of an obvious thing ..." (below).  I asked her to speak in real terms and said I didn't understand (although I did because I've lived through it). The verbatim excerpt of the conversation follows - ​

DOCTOR - I mean, I, you know, I suspect that it sounds like this is happening in multiple kinds of ways, even ways that you are not even seeing.

ME - The amazing, the amazing... Excuse me, what did you last say?

DOCTOR - . that you're, even in ways that you're not even appreciating. You know, like the junk mails is kind of an obvious thing [so even Dr. Zetoony recognized the harassing nature of the emails], but maybe there is something going   on that you're not even aware of because it's happening on another level. (pause)

ME - That doesn't make any sense to me. What do you mean?

DOCTOR - Um, so, for instance, let's say, ... um, there's a secret underground moms club. (pause)

ME - .That...

DOCTOR - No, I'm just saying ...

ME - Speak in real terms. I don't understand.

DOCTOR - Like, let's say there's a moms meetup or whatever.

ME - What?

DOCTOR - A group, a mom's club.

ME - That doesn't make any sense.

​DOCTOR - Listen, listen. Let's say there is a moms club. And let's say one of the police officers is married to one of the these moms in the mom's club. And the moms club is yapping, and then the moms club says something about Oh, well, you know, here I am over here.' This is still harassment. It's that they bring it home and then, inadvertently, outside of your realm, you wouldn't even be aware of it.

When I first arrived at her office, Dr. Zetoony was talking with a severely disabled patient, on his way out, about a machine she had prescribed to assist him with sleeping. When he left and I went up to the receptionist, she said - "And you don't need the machine to sleep, right?" It was a very odd question. I replied, "I don't know what you're talking about." And she said, "Then you don't."  (See my youtube entitled “Dr Z’s office,” posted as "Rick G" on March 24, 2013 and my youtube entitled “Miscellaneous” also posted as "Rick G" on the same day).  As I wrote above, I have been psychologically intimidated with subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, threats of disability.  I requested and received a copy of Dr. Zetoony's office notes. She wrote that I have a "memory issue" - the extent of that note. My memory is excellent as to recalling past events I want or need to remember. Dr. Zetoony should know - I recounted the details of several harassing incidents to her. Her note seemed tailor-made to assist local law enforcement try to discredit my memory of its illegal harassment. She also wrote that I have "mood and concentration issues." Essentially, the only matter I discussed with Dr. Zetoony was the police harassment. I had told her that I often emotionally rambled when discussing it, but that my demeanor otherwise and as an attorney was much different. (At least, she wrote that I wasn't subject to hallucinations or delusions and that my sleep medication didn't cause any unusual side effects. Thanks, at least, for that, Dr. Zetoony). ​Let me not mince my words - I reasonably believe that Dr. Zetoony was contacted by, or behalf of, members of local law enforcement to harass me, and that she violated her hippocratic oath by knowingly doing harm to a patient. ​ ​ ​ ​

My youtube published on September 26, 2013 -  " Harassing Phone Call by Dominic P. Zanazzi - Pinellas County, Florida"

On November 4, 2011, I returned a call to my law office from a person pretending to be a potential client seeking an advertised free phone consultation. In fact, he was a former client, Dominic P. Zanazzi (Clearwater, Florida) in a slightly disguised voice calling only to harass me. (If it wasn't Dominic calling, then it was a person who was impersonating him. Dominic has a very distinctive voice). A guess is a deputy sheriff friend with the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office encouraged him to call to smear and harass me. (On August 22, 2014, I again went to the FBI's field office in Clearwater to complain of continuing harassment and hacking. The agent I spoke with agreed that, assuming the caller was my former client, the sole purpose of his call was to harass and smear me). (Because I was recording the call, I didn't call out Dominic and confront him because I wanted to see where the conversation would go). Near the beginning of the call, Dominic said that he remarried his ex-wife and was in the process of separating ("my wife and I are separating"), but near the end of the call he said he wasn't married (no, we're not married now"). He said his attorney in Pinellas County obtained sole custody of his children for him due to his then wife's arrest and conviction for molesting them. In fact, I represented Dominic in a supplemental petition to modify his divorce (Case No. 84-770-, Pinellas County) and he was awarded sole custody of his children due to his ex-wife's arrest (and subsequent conviction) for molesting them (Case No. 86-849-CFANO, Pinellas County). But the caller said the woman was Love Rojo (a registered sex offender in Florida) and said his son was now 15 and his daughter almost 14. I googled "Love Rojo" and learned she was convicted of molesting two children, but their ages were 16-17. Dominic couldn't get his false facts straight. But he is only a little player in the harassment against me. His attempt to tie in the smear against me is obvious. (Dominic also harassed me once at the McDonalds on U.S.19 in north Clearwater around the approximate time frame as his call. I'm sure he remembers his comments). Dominic, like others who have harassed me, is a sheep being led by local law enforcement acting in bad faith and illegally. If Dominic thinks what I've written is libelous, he knows who I am and can file a lawsuit (as can others I've named in my website). But he won't because that would expose the false smear, the police harassment, as well as his involvement in it. On 4-19-14, Detective Mitchell Reed of the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office and I discussed this website which names names (e.g., Dominic Zanazzi, Judge George Greer, and others). I told him that one reason I created it was that, if a named person were to file a lawsuit against me, I would have a public forum with due process (something that I haven't had) to expose the harassment and smear. Detective Reed replied - "I don't think that Judge Greer or others will give you the satisfaction of publicly exposing any harassment, It doesn't work that way." Let Detective Reed deny saying that.

My youtube published on September 17, 2013 - "Police Harassment and Group Stalking - Pinellas County, Florida"

There are few scholarly articles about harassment by groups - school bullying (e.g., Dr. Robert Faris), cyber bullying (Dr. Sameer Hinduja), and mobbing in the workplace and other places (Dr. Kenneth Westhues, Dr. Heinz Leymann). But there are even fewer about systematic, psychological harassment by, and on behalf of, members of law enforcement. I wrote in my color of law complaint that I have endured a "psychological lynching" by ordinary persons in everyday settings, as in this youtube. Significantly, I wrote this a year or so before I read posts online about the phenomenon - variously known as community mobbing, organized harassment, organized stalking, street theater, vigilante stalking, cause stalking, group stalking, gangstalking, or organized group stalking. Yes, most of these articles claim the use of mind reading, microwaves, electromagnetism, implants, etc. and I dismiss them, of course. (My guess is that some of these posts were written by delusional persons, but most written as disinformation. In 2014, The Intercept uploaded top secret documents of the GCHQ - United Kingdom's equivalent of the NSA - which were revealed by Edward Snowden's documents. The documents spell out tactics regarding how to commit illegal "dirty tricks," how to destroy a target's reputation, how to overwhelm and control the internet with phony posts and other disinformation, how to manipulate people, etc.). I am certain that the harassment is done, in part, to try to provoke a response in order to bootstrap the illegal activity. The media is just beginning to cover this phenomenon as it has done with cyberbullying. For example, ABC's 20/20 segment (above). In 2012, a police officer (Lieutenant Larry Richard, Santa Cruz Police Department) was interviewed on a tv segment by KCBA Fox News 35 (California) entitled "Bullying on Steroids - Gang Stalking." He said - "Gang stalking itself, they've elevated themselves to technology. So this is something that has been going on before the age of Facebook, Twitter, those other social websites. They've just now have gotten into those other areas." Of course, police officers themselves illegally conspire to bully and psychologically harass, e.g., Trooper Watts. A few countries, like Canada, have enacted legislation, based upon extensive research, defining and prohibiting harassment by a group of people (referred to as "mobbing" in Canada and European countries, as in workplace mobbing). Before my harassment began, I never would have believed (nor would the Krlichs) that members of the police and fire departments, and other community members, would conspire to psychologically harass a person. Perhaps because it was apparent that the police harassment didn't deter me from dating my ex-girlfriend, the ex-husband or cohorts tapped into their network of community members to further illegally harass me (which continues). This video, which I took on December 13, 2012 of a man and woman (behind him) is an example. They separately walked up to a deli counter in a Publix, Clearwater, and supposedly didn't know each other (i.e., man asks the woman if she was a teacher, if she was a cop, and if she worked somewhere in the area). But they were there only to harass me. Their "conversation" was meaningless to other customers and was a disjointed series of harassing comments (i.e., that is, the "conversation" did not flow as a normal conversation would.  The most obvious harassment was the man talking about cheese -saying - "I like good white American."  Then the woman immediately saying - "Just like the African pictures!"  I viewed interracial porn online.  I picked up my recorder from the shopping cart when the man said - "I'm paranoid" (noted **). -

MAN - (talking to the woman) Are you a teacher?  [[ My ex-girlfriend was a teacher. ]]

WOMAN - [unknown]

MAN - [unknown] My lawyer, he's half Jewish, half Italian, they get everything, it's ridiculous, ridiculous.  [[ I was an attorney and I'm half Italian. ]]

WOMAN - [unknown]

MAN - He is. They are very spoiled. [unknown]

WOMAN - [unknown]

MAN - [unknown] I'm paranoid. **  [[ Attempt to harass me. ]]

WOMAN - Who with?

MAN - [unknown] (looking at me, then bizarrely saying to the deli man) I trust you. That's all I want to say, I trust you, like in [unknown] the other night.  [[ I told my neighbor a few nights before in my house that, based upon specific harassment, police think I was betraying my Little Brother's trust to sexually abuse him. My neighbor signed an affidavit. ]]

WOMAN - [unknown] He's very untrustworthy. [[ How would two strangers know who "he" was? ]]

MAN - He is. [unknown] Do you work somewhere around in the Tampa Bay area?

WOMAN - Nah. You wouldn't get too much out of him.  [[ Implying I'm hiding something - I am not. It's the reverse. If the concern was legitimate, then why have I been denied the opportunity to confront my "accusers?" ]]

MAN - No?


MAN - Are you a cop? [[ No comment needed. ]] 

WOMAN - No (laughing)

MAN - Alright. [unintelligible] 

WOMAN - He's paranoid, be careful.  [[ First, the man says "I'm paranoid," but now the woman says "He's paranoid." Both comments were clear attempts to harass me. ]]

MAN - [unknown] Huh?

WOMAN - He was upset with me.

MAN - Oh really? Oh, that's pretty simple!  [[ Implicit threat ]]

WOMAN - (laughing)

MAN - (talking to deli person) Give me some cheese, I don't care what it is really. I like good white American.  [[ Refers to my viewing interracial porn (obvious by the next comment ]] ​

WOMAN - Just like the African pictures! [[ Her comment makes absolutely no sense, except as harassment of me. ]]  

MAN - (laughing)

WOMAN - Not at all.

MAN - If I could just take a pill, and divide it up with some vitamins and food, and put some weight on me, I'm good. [unknown] The whole [unknown] chewing and swallowing (motioning his hand from his throat to his mouth). [[ I have been working out and eating healthily for over two years. Just a couple of days before, I told my neighbor, Paul Ponzetti, in my house that I had "chewing and swallowing" problems and threw up while he was there. Mr. Ponzetti viewed the video and, because he thought the guy mentioning things I told Paul a few days before was so bizarre, he signed the affidavit (link below). There were other instances of harassment of people repeating specific things in my home and activities in it. This type of harassment was very similar in nature to that described by Jeffrey Kantor in his lawsuit (discussed above).

MAN - (neck crack) ​[[ Identical to the way I do it. ]]

WOMAN - Did they, did they tell you Europe is good?  [[ As stated above, I had to end my practice of law. My efforts to work locally (i.e., setup a smaller office in St. Petersburg) were sabotaged by additional hacking of my internet access, email, iphone, more calls from phony potential clients, etc. I am, therefore, considering moving overseas to be able to live on my social security (my only income) which I researched it online. I am concerned that the law may be selectively enforced against me as a few people have implied. (For example, in May 2014, a woman standing near me at the Countryside Library, out of the blue, said to a woman next to her, "He won't be allowed on the plane" or similar words. That was the only thing she said. Were her words directed at me, as the "conversation" at Publix was, I don't know). An update - I did fly overseas on September 21, 2014 and was not interfered with. However, I have been subject to harassment in Thailand by people in the community. I guess, it just takes a phone call, social media /internet, etc. My experience has been surreal and nothing surprises me. I am certain that legitimate media will expose this type of harassment, most likely sooner than later. ]]

MAN - [unknown]

​WOMAN - (motioning around her face) It's the face [unknown]. [[ I had plastic surgery three years ago, and posted negative reviews online ]]

MAN - (laughing, then whispering to the woman) Me too.

WOMAN - I'm serious! It's different.

​MAN - (whispering to the woman again).

In 2013, I visited with my first client, John Holsapple, a former Clearwater firefighter who hired me to obtain his disability pension in the mid 1980's.  Like Tom O'Malley (above), I mistakenly thought that John was a friend who I could talk with about the harassment and smear.  Throughout our meeting, I sensed that a member of local law enforcement had gotten to him.  The last thing he said to me was - "If you say it often enough, you'll believe it."  His comment ticked me off, but I drove off without saying anything.  I called John today (8-19-14) to request his help in finding non-local professionals, who I would pay, to test/assess me to disprove the smear against me.  He again offended me by saying that independent medical examiners will say anything you want if you pay them.  I replied that it may be true as to one professional, but not as to professionals working at an institute like the Mayo Clinic.  Maybe John was thinking of his chiropractor friend who conducted an independent medical exam of him so he could receive his disability pension, I don't know.  I represented four or five other Clearwater firefighters around the same time who also received disability pensions.  John's chiropractor was used by a few of the other firefighters as well.  It got to the point that I had to stop accepting new firefighter clients.  Unfortunately, I can't reveal more because of the attorney-client relationship.  The City of Clearwater has the right to conduct its own independent medical exams of any retired firefighters on a disability pension.

>>      "After being harassed by members of law enforcement [almost every day], I eventually 'overreacted' to it, no doubt, an intended result which allowed local law enforcement to bootstrap its illegal harassment (which I detailed in my addendum to my color of law complaint to the FBI's Clearwater field office.  [My 'overreactions' didn't involve any illegal conduct].  [Apart from the interference with my law practice, most of the harassment against me has been psychological].  I use quotation marks because the police harassment caused it [my 'overreactions'].  I did things which would be irrational under normal circumstances [, but my circumstances weren't normal].  Any person who endured the amount of harassment as I did would probably "overreact" as well.  Considering what I have been through - extensive psychological and financial harassment, I have endured it well and I'm stronger for it [e.g., I regularly work out, don't smoke or drink alcohol, eat healthily, sleep well, etc.],  But other persons harassed in the future may not be as fortunate.  This should concern your office."  I wrote this in May 2013.  The next year, Myron May, a former prosecuting attorney, shot three people on the Florida State University campus.  Among other things, he claimed, as Jeffrey Kantor and I did, that he was targeted, that his residence was surveiled or entered (perhaps on false pretexts), and that people illegally conspired to harass him based, in part, upon facts obtained by the surveillance or entry.  I believe that the above facts could have occurred, but I also believe that Mr. May was driven mad by systematic harassment (e.g.,  believing that he was being attacked by an energy weapon).  (There was a post or two online that Myron May was gay.  This may have played a part in his harassment, I don't know).   As I wrote in my addendum to the FBI - "... Other persons harassed in the future may not be as fortunate [as me]."  One of the allegations made by Jeffrey Kantor in his lawsuit (paragraph 16) was -  "After he [Jeffrey Kantor] complained to the ADL [Anti-Defamation League ], they [specific co-workers] would repeat back his information, and immediately say that ... that they have a neighbor who seemed like a nice guy but then went on a murder-suicide [when Kantor reacted by typing loudly on the computer keyboard, etc.]."   

In May 2010, I hired Lee Ann Molinaro as a legal assistant.  She worked for me for less than two months.  As discussed below, I reasonably believe she was a setup/plant on behalf of members of the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office to harass me.  Yes.  Lee Ann was a nice, intelligent, and attractive woman in her 20's.  Of note, I was still dating my ex-girlfriend at the time.  During her first two weeks, Lee Ann wore loose fitting blouses and was constantly adjusting her bra in front of me at my desk.  It was obvious and out of character with how she acted otherwise.  I finally had to ask her to start wearing a business suit or similar attire, which she did.  A client, Stephanie DelRusso (a St. Petersburg police officer, no coincidence, I'm sure) , showed up at my office one time in casual wear with a loose fitting top and sides.  She never dressed that way before in my office.  Lee Ann and Stephanie sat at my desk and began adjusting their bras in front of me, almost in unison.  They may deny it, but it occurred as I have written.  Lee Ann once showed me a "bruise" on her arm which she said her boyfriend, a firefighter caused.  (I committed domestic violence decades ago, which would never occur again.  My harassment has involved EMS and other fire/rescue vehicles.  Yes, I know of the supposed animosity between police and firefighters, but not in my situation, nor in the harassment of the Krlichs above).  Another incident, Lee Ann told me she visited an older man in the hospital who was beaten up by her boyfriend.  (As I've written in my website, I have been psychologically harassed with subtle threats).  She once asked me for a ride home after work, and I drove her home.  When I dropped her off at her apartment complex, she asked me if I wanted to go upstairs with her to her apartment; I declined.  She was trying to set me up.  Another incident, she told me about a 63 year old man (I was 63 at the time) who lived in her complex and played music loudly.  (I do the same in my home and car).  She said the cops were called, there was some incident, and a SWAT team arrived and surrounded the guy.  But the most bizarre of all incidents was the following - Mark Thomas, the owner of Sophisticated Styles, Palm Harbor (a hair salon next door to my law office), called me one Saturday afternoon.  He said Lee Ann was at his salon getting her hair or nails done and was acting extremely intoxicated from drinking only a very small amount of complimentary wine at his work.  He said Lee Ann asked him to go next door to see if I would drive her home, which he did.  I wasn't there so he called me.  I told him that Lee Ann had previously strangely asked me if would be at my office on Saturday afternoon.  Another attempt to set me up.  Mark told me later that he drove Lee Ann home and that the whole incident was bizarre.           

I was involved in an automobile "accident" on June 14, 2010 in the mid evening, a block from my ex-girlfriend's house.  That morning, I had a bad argument with my ex-girlfriend with her kids present.  (As I wrote above, she had her own issues to be sure).  The Clearwater Police accident report (#2010-67465; HSMV #06506451) stated the other driver was 18 years old, but he was much older (In his 30's).  It stated that the driver, who was approaching a stop sign, accelerated twice through it.  There was over $40,000 damage to my car (a BMW 650i), but the report stated $6,000 despite that my car parts were strewn along Countyside Blvd.  There was very little damage to the other car (a Honda); the report stated $4,000, but it didn't appear to be even that much.  I told my ex-girlfriend a day or two later about the surprising lack of damage to the other car.  (I struck it in the least dangerous spot for the other driver - the right rear).  After the accident, the driver parked the car in the side cul-de-sac.  I wanted to look at it more closely because it didn't seem to be significantly damaged. (The other driver wasn't in it or near it; he was talking with a police officer).  As I was walking to look at it, a police officer screamed at me to get away from the car.  It was a very strange order, especially because I had just been involved in a serious accident, and I told her so.  The other car had only a generic "Pizza" marker on its roof - There was no company name on it.  I have never seen such a marker on a delivery car before or since.  Although the "accident" was significant, the reporting officer didn't feel it necessary to state any information in the report about the other driver's "employer."  The report listed the other driver's phone number as mine.  I believe that the Honda was reinforced, the other driver was professional, and the "accident" was intentional.   

>>       "I am certain that my cat was poisoned on February 27, 2013.  Yes.  That morning, I received a junk email ad, somehow hacked to me, entitled "24PetWatch" at 9:04 a.m.  My cat became very ill (repeatedly vomiting) that afternoon for the first time since I bought him years ago.  [He was about five years old].  I had let him outside that day as I often do.  I called my vet (Animal Hospital of Northwood, Safety Harbor) at 3:54 p.m. per AT&T phone records.  The next day on February 28, 2013, I received a junk email ad entitled "The Cat Hospital."  A week before, on February 21, 2013, I received a junk email ad entitled "Cat (Hi)."  I never received cat-related email ads before.  [I will upload the AT&T records and the junk email ads hacked to me].  [Many of the 'junk email ads' which I have received, and which no doubt have been hacked to me, relate to things occurring at the time to me].  Additionally, my iphone's phone contact for my cat's vet, which I named "Vet Cat Hospital," mysteriously appeared in my iphone's Favorites a couple of weeks before my cat got sick.  (I had only three favorites; all were entitled "Messages" with a phone number next to it."  [About two or three months ago (today is January 28, 2014, I called my neighbor (Paul Ponzetti) to ask if he would take my cat because I am planning to move.  My cat was either stolen or killed that evening or early next morning because I never saw him again]."

>>      [The following describes the first time that a person "accused" me of child molestation].  "A few months after the [police] harassment started in 2008, a woman came to my office supposedly to apply for a legal assistant position I advertised.  She was a middle-aged woman dressed in a business suit and said she worked for a law firm in Dunedin.  [She asked if she could ask a question and I said "Sure, go ahead."  She waved both arms in the air and bizarrely said "What's with all the minerals?"  I had some of my rocks and minerals displayed in my office].  When we were in the reception area, she sat at the empty secretary desk to use the computer for some reason.  Because she [her hair] smelled of cigarettes, I politely told her I couldn't hire her as I had advertised for a non-smoker.  She replied "I wouldn't want to work for a child molester anyway" and abruptly left.  (I have no evidence that this woman exists; I don't have her name or her resume, but the incident occurred).  It was also the first time I was harassed by a person ostensibly not in law enforcement."  [It shocked me and I thought to myself something like - So this is where the bastards are going].  Another incident - A man called my office a few weeks later supposedly to solicit money for the Fraternal Order of Police for a children's fund.  "FOP' displayed on the phone's caller i.d. [a local call]  He told my former legal assistant, Brenda Crosby, 'Don't worry, there's no lawsuit filed against [me].'  Brenda put me through and we both thought the call was harassing.  After he called a second time, Brenda told him not to call again, but he did.  She told me that no phone solicitor would have talked in such a loud and gruff voice as 'that jerk.' "

>>      "Since December 2010 [as of May 21, 2013, the date of my color of law complaint], I had only two new clients (low fee).  Yes.  The economy was bad, but not that bad.  No other divorce attorney I've talked with had to close his/her law practice.  [The vast majority of my new clients found me through my internet advertising].  I had to take out substantial business loans to try to salvage my business, unsuccessfully.  In 2011 and 2012, I relied on income from only a few existing clients [good paying clients, perhaps too good, in retrospect], including Kevin Johnson, Cathy Bulger, and others.  I think Kevin hired me in 2010.  He and I discussed whether his [minor] daughter's cellphone could be configured to allow her to call only selected numbers.  He later excitedly said (he normally didn't talk that way) - "Rick, you were right!  There is a way to block my daughter's incoming and outgoing calls!..."  But we never talked about incoming calls, only about outgoing calls.  I know my internet service and iphone have been hacked, and probably my office phone service was hacked as well.  I received several identical 'junk email ads' entitled 'Missing Clients?' spaced only minutes apart (e.g., on November 2, 2011 at 2:17 p.m., 2:47 p.m., 2:56 p.m., etc)."  When Kevin and I were at the Clearwater Courthouse, he ran over to my car (I had recently bought a BMW 650i) and excitedly said "Rick, roll down your window! You know what I like about your car?  You don't see another one driving around town!" or very similar words.  [Again, Kevin rarely talked that way].  As I left the parking lot to head on Court Street, there was an identical car - black convertible, same wheels - facing me directly across Court Street.  Another matter regarding Kevin, he was very curious as to why my ex-girlfriend divorced her husband and asked several questions about it."

Concluding Thoughts -

---   I am being harassed for dating the divorcing wife/ex-wife of the fourth highest member of the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office.  Pure and simple.  The timing of when the police harassment began in 2003 and later in 2008 says it all -  The harassment in 2003 began just days after my ex-girlfriend started coming to my house.  The harassment in 2008 began just days after a relationship-related event (discussed above).  The smear of me being a pedophile is a tool of revenge.  (However, it's logical that those people harassing me now, not associated with law enforcement, are not doing so because of my relationship with my ex-girlfriend, but because of the smear against me).  

---   Yes, it was wrong to start dating my ex-girlfriend as I did.  I exercised bad judgment viewing porn while a Big Brother.  I regret committing domestic violence three times decades ago, the most.  But these things certainly do not justify the illegal  harassment and hacking resulting in the loss of my livelihood, home, relationship, credit, etc.

---  The timing of the police misconduct - that is, the events which occurred just before it started in 2003 and in 2008 - tells me it was personal, and personal is the ex-husband.  

---   Pinellas County taxpayers unknowingly funded a personal vendetta against me.

---   I have lived the past six years "between" some people who have questioned my competency just for discussing harassing incidents and some people who believe I am a pedophile.

---   I'm sure that members of local law enforcement never expected I would publicize their illegal, systematic harassment of me because of the embarrassing nature of my porn viewing.  But I have nothing to hide (except embarrassment), but they certainly do.

---   No doubt, similar harassment and hacking has happened to others.  I have endured the harassment and am stronger for it, but others probably will succumb to it in some manner. 

--    After my color of law complaint was not investigated, I tried hiring a law firm specializing in civil rights actions based upon police misconduct.  But I quickly learned that these law firms choose to handle claims involving just one or two incidents, i.e., fairly straight-forward facts, which are easier to litigate.

---   Regarding the smear of being a pedophile, I have learned that perception is reality.  One person said I sounded too much like an attorney (which I was) with its negative implications.  Another person said I sounded too defensive (I have the right to be).  Another person said that I repeated identical stories with its implication I must be making them up.  (If a person tells the truth and has an excellent memory, his/her stories don't change).   

---   Psychological harassment by a group, whether by law enforcement officers or other community members, is insidious because a mob mentality is at work - feeding upon each other, with no accountability, and with facts and the truth being less important than smears, vilification, and false assumptions.  I've learned that people can be led like sheep by law enforcement officers because most people mistakenly assume that they always act in good faith.  An example of this fact is demonstrated by the youtube below in which NBC had an authority figure (an actor with a phony badge) try to convince well-intentioned people to commit crimes for him - which they did.  Now, consider how easy it would be for actual law enforcement officers - some acting in bad faith (the ex-husband and his cohorts) and others acting in "good faith" (oxymoron), but upon false assumptions and a false conclusion that I am a pedophile) - to convince ordinary people to illegally, systematically harass me.

---   As I wrote above, local law enforcement in Pinellas County, Florida illegally conspired with other members of the community.  Due to the organized harassment and hacking of my law office (described above), my home of over 20 years was foreclosed by my lender Third Federal Savings & Loan.  My credit rating prior to the harassment and hacking was excellent.  I was seated with Barbara Asplin - a Third Federal employee (Palm Harbor branch) who was discussing my loan modification (HARP) application with me.  Third Federal denied my application.  While seated with her, Ms. Asplin suddenly slowly swirled her tongue around her mouth two or three times while glaring at me.  It was so starling that I immediately told two nearby Third Federal employees about it.  (Two other persons did the same thing to me - a former client, Tim Snyder, and a business acquaintance, Cary McCord).  It is embarrassing to write, but I am over being embarrassed - It was among the things I wrote in an anonymous gay chat I had online.  (As I wrote above, although it is nobody's business, I never had or would have a gay or bisexual encounter).  I have uploaded below four documents related to this matter.

---   Because of the hacking and harassment against my law office, I had to obtain personal and business loans (as well as cash out my investment/brokerage accounts with ETrade, Scottrade, and Fidelity.  One of the lenders was Grow Financial Federal Credit Union, Pinellas County, Florida, which filed a collection lawsuit against me.  The following is my verbatim note which I made shortly after being served - "re 2010 Grow bank loan ($10,000) -  Clw cop at entrance (gps records), just a couple of hours later, call from phony client with "brother" in my office $10,000... / server - verbatim from my notes -on 4-19-14, a woman knocked on my door saying "I'm sorry to bother you, but I have a [something], she didn't identify herself as a process server, give her name, etc.  Because of the harassment I've endured, I told her she was bothering me and closed the door.  She then said loudly 'You're an attorney.'  I opened the door, told her to kiss my ass.  (I spoke that way because of prior harassment).  Only then did she state she was a process server (o/b/o Grow Financial).  I asked her why she didn't identify herself in the first place, but she didn't have an answer."  I referenced some of my experience in the two Grow lawsuit-related documents below --


---   Several people have said to me that it would cost a fortune to harass a person almost 24/7 as I have written.  But consider that the annual budget for U.S. intelligence/security is nearly a trillion dollars and much of the budget ("black budget") is not even accountable to Congress.  Say, $100,000 a year to harass a person would be a drop in the bucket. 

---   Although I have no way of knowing, I believe that the systematic psychological harassment against me by ordinary people in Florida and Thailand are related.  (Again, I am not suggesting that the Thai police or government are involved).  I believe that higher level harassment (if you will) against law abiding Americans is the result of the post-911, highly funded and often unaccountable, law enforcement/intelligence/military/private contractor industry and network (e.g., fusion centers and LEIU's) out of control.  The U.S. counter-terrorist industry can be secretly used against law abiding American citizens -  for personal vendettas (my situation), against political and economic opponents, etc.

---  On March 19, 2015, I sent an email to Vice Consul Ryan Reynolds of the U.S. Consulate’s Office here in Chiang Mai regarding subtle and anonymous harassment against me here, including the pedophile smear, by Christian evangelicals and others (similar to harassment against me in Pinellas County, Florida.  I sent the email just for the record.  Due to the extent and similarity of tactics, I believe that my harassment must reach to top U.S. officials here.  On May 24, 2017, I sent a second email to the U.S. Consulate's Office containing text which, I contend, was hacked into my document entitled "CM-Diary" (Chiang Mail Diary) in my Google Docs app on my iphone by a corrupt person(s) in the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contracor community).  On June 18, 2017, I sent a third email to the Consulate's Office containing an online article aout me entitled "In re Richard Griesinger, Esq.: an online defamation and libel" which, I contend, was posted by a corrupt, anonymous person(s)  in the same community.

​​---   Many people now believe that my car's electronics and my iphone could have been hacked to harass me.  When I discussed these things a few years ago, eyebrows raised.  It was before legitimate news reported the hacking into vehicles' computers, baby crib monitors, etc., and that government agencies can remotely access an iphone's microphone  and camera to access its surroundings, an ability also offered now to the public by private companies).  I believe that more people will believe that organized, psychological harassment by community members occurs when more legitimate news reports (such as the 20/20 segment above) cover it. 

---   One group of law enforcement officers may be unaware of what another is doing (e.g., the hacking of my internet).     

---   Tactics used against me (Zertsenzung-like) have been similar to those illegally used against - whistleblowers (e.g., of the NSA, Veterans Administration, etc.), defecting members of the Church of Scientology (discussed in the documentary "Going Clear"), against law abiding American citizens by the FBI (such as under their CointelPro program as discussed in the PBS documentary entitled "1971" to be aired in May 2015), etc.  Tactics include - attacking the attacker (i.e., attempting to discredit the individual); organized psychological harassment by a group of persons; slander and smear (often, as in my case, anonymously and without accountability); isolation of the person from family, friends, business associates, neighbors, etc.; causing financial ruin; intimidation; and threats (subtle and not so subtle).  In a February 2016 article (EuroNews), the UBS Bank whistleblower, Stephanie Gibaud , who was a pr/marketing specialist with the bank's French subsidiary, spoke of being the target of "organized mobbing, gangstalking" designed to try to make her "crack."  A French labor tribunal ruled that members of the UBS Bank illegally "psychologically bullied" her.  Similarly, Veterans Administration (U.S.) whistleblowers recently testified about attacks upon their competency and credibility, intimidation, threats, isolation, humiliation, lying, and financial distress.  Kristen Ruell, a Philadelphia VA whistleblower, spoke of efforts to try to drive her crazy.  Former NSA employees, Thomas Drake (read the transcript of his testimony before the EU Parliament Committee in 2013), Russell Tice, and Thomas Reinbold were retaliated against for exposing wrongdoing, former NSA employee Diane Ring because of a personal vendetta, etc.  Each was labelled delusional and paranoid by an NSA psychologist, but was later vindicated.  The U.S. Dept. of Labor found that the Pacific Gas and Electric Company used psychiatrists to find "paranoid delusions" in a veteran manager because he publicly complained about serious problems involving a nuclear power plant (Diablo Canyon).  The wife of the U.S. Attorney General John Mitchell in the Nixon Administration was "diagnosed" as "delusional" for ranting to reporters about illegal conspiracies being committed in the White House.  Of course, Watergate investigations vindicated her.  A noted psychologist coined the term "Martha Mitchell effect" to describe the above misdiagnosis (intentional or not).  Another example of misdiagnosis involved Ernest Hemingway.  A New York Times article (2011) discussed that, shortly before his suicide, Hemingway, told a close friend that he was being constantly harassed by the feds.  His friend and a Mayo Clinic psychiatrist didn't believe him and deemed him delusional, etc.  Hoever, decades later, documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act revealed that Hemingway was telling the truth.   But perhaps the worst example of governmental officials using the “delusional” tactic is the following -  In 2009, New York Police Department Police Officer Adrian Schoolcraft accurately revealed to his Internal Affairs department that many cops in his station were engaged in a criminal conspiracy.  How did his superiors respond?  Officer Schoolcraft was physically abducted from his residence by N.Y.P.D. members and committed to a psychiatric hospital for six days!  His lawsuit recently settled for a total of nearly two million dollars.  In 2013, I was verbally threatened by a customer in a Publix, a setup.  (The manager later viewed the disturbance on the store's video which didn't have audio).  I asked him to call the police which he reluctantly did.  I discussed the incident and a brief summary of police harassment with the investigating Clearwater officer who was, at best, disinterested.  That he wrote in his report I was "dilusional" (misspelled) was to be expected - attack the attacker.  Likewise, Dr. Zetoony - the sleep solutions / secret underground club doctor - tried her best to discredit me by writing that I have "mood and concentration issues," but I had previously told her that I tended to get emotional when discussing the harassment against me. 

---   No doubt, I have mistaken a small percentage of incidents as harassing and hacking, and my errors could, and probably would, be used to attack my credibility.

---   I wrote in my computer notes (and in the addendum to my color of law complaint in 2013) that an older woman employee (who I was later told was a friend of the owner) behind the counter at a restaurant in Pinellas County while taking my debit card, repeated, out of the blue, "I.R.S." twice to me.  Her comment was bizarre and unrelated to anything else.  I also wrote in my computer notes (and  in my addendum to my color of law complaint) that a former client, Renee Smyth, unexpectedly came by my office in 2012 and started talking about her ex-husband's finances.  She grimaced at me and said "There is no statute of limitations for a fraudulent financial affidavit."  (I believe that on June 10, 2016, I spoke with an IRS representative, possibly Ms. Macias, about my IRS instalment agreement.  I asked her if the call was being recorded and said I hope that it was.  When she replied that it was, I said I wanted to make a brief statement just for the record, no reply wanted, and she agreed.  I stated that my financial problems, resulting in the installment agreement, were due to harassment and hacking discussed in this website, and I stated my website's url address.  The representative immediately said she wanted to, or needed to, go offline for a bit and returned in a few minutes.  I hope I was wrong, but It reminded me of other phone  conversation interruptions I previously encountered (e,g,, with Arno Hovath, Dr. Robin Wilson, etc.).  Per my computer notes, a customer at a local UPS store in Pinellas County, a man made a point of repeating the word "I.R.S.  several times to an employee behind the counter (a couple of times would have sufficed).  There have been other similar comments.  (As I have written in my website, my harassment has often involved subtle comments made for me to overhear which would make no sense or be insignificant to others, but which were relevant to me.  An example is in my above youtube "Police Harassment and Group Stalking..." in which a man and woman at a deli counter in a supermarket in Pinellas County pretended to be strangers, but were there only to harass me,  (For example,  the man said to the employee behind the counter after talking about cheese - "I like good white American.  The woman immediately replied - "Just like the African pictures!" and they both chuckled.  I viewed interracial porn online).  In my above youtube, Dr. Michelle Zetoony said the intended harassment of the junk email ads which I received and showed her was "obvious.)  I have linked below some of these ads which I received. 

---    I will gladly take a polygraph test(s) by any qualified examiner, not local and without law enforcement background for obvious reasons.  I will testify under oath regarding any matter stated in my website.  But I'm sure those named in this website won't.  (I recently filed an answer, verified under oath, in the foreclosure suit against me in which I swore/attested to the facts in my answer and to the facts stated in my website).

---   Before my harassment beginning in 2008, I respected local law enforcement.  My only prior experience with police corruption in Pinellas County was years ago when I represented the City of Clearwater as an assistant city attorney.  I was at the Clearwater Courthouse with two Clearwater Police Department undercover narcotics officers regarding a civil forfeiture hearing in which they were going to testify in camera.  When I realized they were planning on giving false testimony, I walked over to the city attorney's office and told my boss I wanted out of the case at once.  He agreed, was later under pressure to fire me, but he supported me and I kept my job.

---   The  local law enforcement officers and others in Pinellas County did their dirty work from the shadows - subtly or anonymously, and without any accountability whatsoever.  In contrast, I have repeatedly tried to move things to the surface despite threats and embarrassment.  This should tell you who the criminals are.  The false smear against me of being a pedophile, like all smears, can only survive in the shadows.  (The "rape" allegations against Julian Assange in Sweden were made just days after he went to Sweden to reveal Wikileak documents.   He is not charged with any crime.  It is not surprising that the prosecuting attorney delayed discovery and interrogation of Mr. Assange in London for five years, because a smear cannot exist in the public light and scrutinized by due process.  Her delay recently resulted in four allegations being dropped to the statute of limitations.  Only one allegation remains (which is not "rape" per se, but that he did not use a condom during intercourse).  It is significant that, although prosecutors flew to London to question many people, Mr. Assange was not questioned.  He had previously agreed to be voluntarily questioned at the Ecuadorial Embassy.  The Swedish judge handling the matter criticized the prosecutors for lack of diligence in pursuing the matter against Mr. Assange.  I don't know all the facts, but my guess is that the remaining "charge" against Mr. Assange will be allowed to die out as well or be dismissed.  Again, a false smear cannot exist under the scrutiny of public light.  (Update - I was correct; the remaining "charge" was allowed to die out).  Mr. Assange has consistently claimed that, because he is in the crosshairs of the U.S. Government for exposing illegal conduct in the Afghan and Iraq wars, the CIA illegally set him up and is using the Swedish matter to distract attention.  Update -  Recent documents revealed that the British government applied pressure on Swedish prosecutors to resist Mr. Assange's continuing offer to be questioned in London.  Second update - a leading Swedish newspaper revealed that a noted Swedish "left leaning" journalist, Martin Frediksson. who surprisingly opposed WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, was secretly paid by Sweden's intelligence agency, SAPO, to do so).    

---   I believe that agents in the FBI's Clearwater, Florida field office must have been aware of, at least, some of the illegal, systematic police harassment against me and may well have been complicit in it.  The FBI's Infragard program allows local field office agents to work with community members (such as local business owners and employees, neighbors of an individual under an "investigation") for surveillance.  But Former FBI agent and whistleblower, Michael German, has discussed that post-911 FBI guidelines have significantly reduced the threshold of an "investigation" and that the program could be easily abused and relies upon non-disclosure agreements of participants.  Shortly after I discussed my police harassment, smear, etc. with neighbors (specifically, Zeke and his wife Vie who lived on my street, Teal Terrace, and Heidi, an elderly lady who lived on the next street over), they began harassing me - not surveiling me -   Zeke and Vie stood  in front of, and facing me, in Arby's restaurant, U.S. 19 Palm Harbor, without saying a word.  Zeke walked his dog next to my mailbox, stared at me, but didn't say a word.  Another incident, he walked his dog into my driveway, but didn't say a word to me.  Zeke was normally a friendly neighbor who was outspoken.  Likewise, Heidi stood in front of and facing me in the Pic Quik, McMullen Booth Road, without saying a word.  During this time period, my next door neighbor (to the east) told me during an argument that the FBI had recently spoken with her.  (The argument was over my hitting golf wiffle balls, two or three which crossed their property line, and which they had the audacity to call the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office about).  I reasonably believe that FBI agents of the Clearwater field office were trying to cover the extensive and illegal harassment against me. 

--   That many people in law enforcement in the United States lie, conspire to commit crimes, cover up, etc., I believe, is becoming more and more apparent to Americans due to its exposure in the news.  The myth of there being just a few bad apples is being dispelled.  For example, recently, the FBI admitted (only after being exposed by The Washington Post) that almost all of its "experts" of its elite forensic department basically lied and effectively perjured themselves in countless court cases during the past two decades.  So much for the myth of infallibility depicted in the TV series CSI.  There is also the issue of the FBI intentionally allowing the above to happen for years and covering it up,  Amazingly, many news accounts used terms such as the FBI's "flaws," "exaggerations," "fudges," "overstatements," etc. instead of calling it what is was (and perhaps still is).  Another example of a fairly sizable conspiracy occurred in Orange County, California where local law enforcement, the prosecuting attorney's office, and others criminally conspired for two decades and covered up their conspiracy.  After writing the above paragraph, the American public was made aware of yet another extensive conspiracy and cover up by law enforcement officers and others regarding the execution of Laquan McDonald in Chicago.  A police report falsely stated McDonald lunged at Officer McVeigh, implied that he was shot only one time, and even that McDonald continued to threaten McVeigh as McDonald lay dead on the street.  Law enforcement officers on the scene went along with the false reporting.  The audio of the videos of five police cruisers that were at the scene as well as over 80 minutes of surveillance video at a nearby Burger King mysteriously disappeared, and on and on).  The recent documentary series "Making a Murderer" has highlighted incompetency and possible criminality and possible conspiracy of law enforcement and others.  Former FBI counter-intelligence agent Mike German testified before a Senate subcommitee a few years ago that he was retaliated against by the FBI officials for reporting that agents had backdated, whited out, and falsified important internal memos in the Tampa field office where he worked.  I'm writing all of this because members of local law enforcement in Pinellas County, Florida illegally conspired among themselves and with others and constantly lied regarding my situation.  (For those who do not believe massive conspiracies exist, yesterday (today is 9-11-16) I read that Wells Fargo Bank fired 2% of its employees and officials worldwide - over 5,300 people - who participated in systematic fraud from 2011 to 2015.

---   Laws prohibiting conspiracies, such as federal statutes 42 U.S.C. 1985(3) and 18 U.S.C. 241, exist because a group is often more likely to commit an illegal act than a single individual.  

---   According to my web hosting company (GoDaddy), of the 5,029 hits to my website this month (as of July 26, 2015), 6% of them came from the small town of Chantilly, Virginia (pop. 23,000) which, coincidentally, is the home of one of the big five U.S. intelligence agencies.  (As of August 20, 2015, 7% of the hits in August, 2015 came from Chantilly, Virginia).​​  Interestingly, after I wrote the above paragraph, my website no longer has received hits from Chantilly per GoDaddy statistics (which reports hits in the amount of 1% or greater).

---   I have been smeared and vilified as a pedophile based upon revenge, intentional wrongdoing - by the ex-husband and his criminal co-conspirators.  Before leaving Pinellas County, I saw a Dr. Donald DiIenno in Clearwater, Florida who prescribed hair medication to me.  He was always personable and I discussed some of my harassment with him.  I told him of a few ironies and false assumptions, and that moving to Thailand would be one of them, saying that Southeast Asia is a haven for pedophiles and that would be the perception of my move by some people.  As I wrote above, I was right.  There are thousands of Christian Evangelicals and missionaries here in Chiang Mai.  The first person who I spoke with about my harassment, smear, etc. in Chiang Mai, turned out to be a Christian Evangelical.  He smirked and didn't believe me when I told him why I came here, saying "economic reason??" twice, etc.  Interestingly, I discussed that I created this website and his reply was that he didn't need to read it.  (As I wrote above, I informed the U.S. Consulate's office in Chiang Mai, by email, of my website, etc.).  I tell  the truth, but I've learned that those involved in my harassment don't.  The following will be considered self-serving by my harassers, but it is the truth. -  After having to close my law office in Pinellas County, Florida due to the hacking and harassment (discussed above), I tried downsizing my practice and moving to nearby St. Petersburg.  I purchased a yellow page ad with Verizon/Super Pages with my new phone number, address, purchased a domain name (, etc.  But, of course, the harassment continued.  I realized that my harassers would continue to interfere with practice of law.  I then placed many online ads and phone calls to try to obtain work as an advanced paralegal without success.  I had to apply for early social security benefits, which I receive now.  Because I knew my harassment would continue, I began extensively researching online (e.g., Numbeo) where I could afford to live on my reduced income.  I started with Costa Rica which my ex-girlfriend always talked about, researched Central and South America, and ended up with Southeast Asia, specifically Chiang Mai.  This city combines a cheap lifestyle, nice people, weather, and food, the ability to meet a younger woman, a good infrastructure, etc.

---    Another misperception  of my situation (there have been many) occurred yesterday (today is September 11, 2016) -   After I summarized my story to a Thai woman, she asked me if I was running away from the police in Florida.  It startled me a little,  She apologized, but I was not upset.  I  told her it was a reasonable question and that I had not thought of it that way, and thanked her.

---   An unrelated though interesting fact, In March 2016 a jury in my former county - Pinellas County, Florida - awarded a huge verdict to wrestler Hulk Hogan in his civil lawsuit.  The jury recognized the importance of one's right of privacy and found that Hogan's privacy was intentionally violated by the defendant's unlawful release and publication of a sex tape with his best friend's wife.  Those persons who revealed and circulated my private online activity (either members of the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office or indivudual(s) on their behalf, were guilty of much worse, unlawful conduct.

---   Due to the nature of their profession, law enforcement officers have earned the respect of citizens.  But the term "law enforcement officer" can also be an oxymoron, as Trooper Watts, the Krlichs, I, and many other people know.

--  I have written above of the hacking of my iphone and computer to just harass me.  A Washington Post article published on April 20, 2012 regarded the computer hacking, no doubt, by a corrupt person(s) in, or associated with, the U.S. intelligence/military/private contractor community --  “USA Today Washington Enterprise Editor Ray Locker...and USA Today Pentagon reporter Tom Vanden Brook were working this year on an investigative project about Pentagon propaganda contractors - information operations (info ops) … Fake Twitter and Facebook accounts have been created in their names … Websites were registered in their names … The military’s “information operations” program … [which] spent hundreds of millions of dollars … in Iraq and Afghanistan - … [has been] criticized even within the Pentagon as ineffective … Locker said the campaign was ”something I’ve never experienced in 30 years” … The websites … contained links to work that the journalists had done, plus a space for comments on the stories.  In that space, says Locker, there were “nasty, untrue” remarks from commenters who didn’t appear to be real people ..."

---   The following are some of my verbatim notes made here in Chiang Mai.  (Each note begins with >>) -

>>   July 20, 2015 - Today, I went to Chiang Mai Buddy to ask Andrew (the owner) a question about extending my one year permission of stay.  I spoke with Andrew, by phone, a week or two ago about seasoning of a Thai bank account.  And I had spoken with him in person a couple or so months ago about my harassment and specifically about having my Summary translated into Thai.  He and his assistant/business partner were very helpful (his assistant previously drove me to a nearby language school re the translation matter).  But I sensed Andrew was knowledgeable of my harassment, that is, was contacted by powers to be  I feel my suspicion was confirmed today (July 20, 2015).  First, during my conversation about the harassment, Jeffrey Kantor, etc., Andrew got a phone call and chatted.  But more signfiicantly, and similar to many who have harassed me in couched language and as an abrupt last comment before leaving, he said he didn't have to worry about a (money) judgment against him in New Zealand (his home country) here in Thailand.  This comment, made out of the blue, had absolutely nothing to do with our conversation today, but did relate to my present situation.  Lastly, we never previously discussed anything related to a judgment.  Interesting.  

>>   [note made just after I moved into a condo/hotel]   I received two junk emails, I'm sure hacked to me, near when I moved into BT, entitled "Privacy" (perhaps No Privacy")“

>>   April 21, 2015 (written on April 23, 2015) -  I have been repeatedly harassed and stalked by several people here in CM.  An example was on April 21, 2015.  A Caucasian seated immediately behind me at a new breakfast restaurant I ate at.  He was subtly trying to harass me (repeatedly clinking his bowl with a utensil.  Other methods of attempts to harass me are distinct coughs as I pass, erc.).  Somewhat similar behavior occurred in Pinellas County.  Obviously, such subtle harassment is difficult to prove and that is the point of using it.  Anyway, I asked the guy if he was having fun and left.  Interestingly, after a good 15 minutes, the guy aggressively approached me, wagged his finger in my face and said "I'm not queer."  I immediately told him to get his finger out of my face which immediately did and left.  The incident is obviously similar to past harassment in Pinellas County and even here.

>>   [note made in 2016, but date unknown]   I am psychologically harassed here in CM daily and I rarely enter events (although I am starting to write more emails recently).  About 5 minutes ago, some guy, I believe Asian (but English-speaking - “Sorry”) was screwing around with the doorknob of my apartment - which, by the way, I inadvertently left unlocked last night together with the deadbolt.  He could have, therefore, easily have entered, but didn’t.  He was halfway down the hallway when I yelled to him to get the hell out of here.  His reply - “Sorry." 

>>  Today, February 16, 2016, a few minutes ago (around 9:50 PM), I opened my iphone’s Settings (Cellular).  The following apps were turned on - by hacking.  They were off immediately before (other apps may have also been turned on by hacking) - because I regularly check my Cellular settings throughout the day and night
--   K-Mobile Banking PLUS;
--   Passbook (I have never used this app and I never have turned on Cellular for it, of course);
--   World Map (I have used this app before, but never turned on Cellular)

---    Several months ago (today is September 11, 2016), I took as photo of a (American?) guy on crutches with an outrageous number of surgical pins protruding from a leg cast, who walked up at a restaurant here in Chiang Mai and stood close to me.  The photo was somehow deleted from my iphone's photo album.

---   On October 26, 2015, an example of the "mobbing" of me here in Chiang Mai occurred.  -  I was standing in the nearby branch of my bank; I wasn't in a teller line.  Unknown to me, a guy walked up behind me.  When I turned around and almost bumped into him, I politely told him he was in my way,  The guy, who sounded Scandanavian, Dutch, or similar (after re-listening to my recording), responded saying "What did you say?"  I politely repeated that he was in my way.  After a long pause, either that guy, or possibly a second guy, said quietly and in a very different tone - "Everyone gets in your way lately."  It was a strange comment.   

---    U.S. diplomats complained of bizarre harassment, having plausible deniability, similar to complainants of organized harassment.  Top secret diplomatic memos revealed, fairly recently, that Russian agents, presumably, were breaking into the diplomats’ homes just to move a piece of furniture or to turn on a tv, etc. (link to Washington Post article re the psychological harassment of U.S. diplomats).  

---    Although numerous academic writings have recognized group psychological harassment, both inside and outside of the workplace (community mobbing, public mobbing, adult bullying), none were referenced in Drs. Sheridan and James shoddy 2015 study on group-stalking (gang-stalking).  British psychologist, Peter Randall, wrote a book in 1997 entitled “Adult Bullying: Perpetrators and Victims.”  He was recognized as a leading expert on the subject by the academic publisher (Taylor And Francis Group) which published the Sheridan and James gang-stalking study which dismissed complainants as delusional.  Brian Martin, a professor of social studies at the University of Wollongong, Australia, and Florencia Peña Saint-Martin, a professor of anthropology at the National School of Anthropology and History, Mexico, co-authored a paper in 2014, an excerpt of which follows -  “In mobbing, targets are judged ‘guilty’ .... afterwards, evidence to justify this initial judgment is gathered … Perpetrators manipulate and hide information, lie, … and monitor targets in a continual search for ‘new evidence’ that supposedly proves their allegations … There is a long history of other types of mob behavior, not to be confused with … mobs .., notably the Ku Klux Klan … The concept of mobbing today refers to more subtle forms of aggression … such as … continual derogatory comments, …starting rumors...’”  Mobbing is not only psychological harassment, but also an attempt to provoke responses which could be used against a person).

---    East Germany’s law enforcement/domestic intelligence agency (Stasi) used its vast surveillance powers to also stalk and harass individuals.  I contend that members of the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community are doing the same today.  The goal of Stasi's surveillance was to know - “everything about everybody.”  But more onerous is the NSA’s present goal (as stated in a PowerPoint slide revealed by Edward Snowden) - “Collect It All; Process It All; Exploit It All; Partner It All; Sniff It All; and Know It All.”  Stasi agents, with the help of civilians, e.g., targets’ neighbors and co-workers, employees of local businesses and organizations, health care providers, etc.), spread lies and half-truths, etc.  Members of the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office and/or local FBI agents illegally used the FBI's Infragard program to convince community members, including some of my neighbors, local businesses, local professionals, and others to harass me.  Of course, local law enforcement always denied harassing and smearing  me. 

---   U.S. private contractors and intelligence agencies are increasingly advertising for part-time “surveillance role players.”  These players are recruited from the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence community to work in everyday places, and must sign non-disclosure agreements.  The potential to misuse these individuals to stalk and harass targets is obvious.  This subject is ripe for investigative reporting.

---   Edward Snowden's documents revealed massive, unconstitutional surveillance of law-abiding American citizens.  (They also revealed how intelligence agencies flood the internet with disinformation, disrupt online discussion forums, etc.).  But equally disturbing is the illegal, organized harassment (financial and psychological), including hacking, which I and other law-abiding Americans have experienced by, or behalf of. members of the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence community.  (As I wrote above, I filed the addendum to my FBI complaint, which detailed some of the "psychological lynching" against me by community members, well before I researched online about organized group harassment (gangstalking) and before the Snowden documents were published).    

---  The following lengthy section about Pinellas County, Florida resident, James McLynas, who was also systematically harassed by the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office for several years.  Mr. McLynas endured outrageous attempts by members of the Sheriff's Office, including the Sheriff himself, to sabotage his ultimately successful effort to obtain custody of his daughter.  Although the reasons for harassing Mr. McLynas and me were different and although his harassment mainly involved illegal abuse of the judicial process, whereas mine mainly involved extrajudicial abuse, there are striking similarities -  Mr. McLynas was harassed in Pinellas County from 2009 to 2015; I was harassed and hacked in Pinellas County from 2008 to 2014.  Mr. McLynas was a target of a political vendetta by the highest member of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office; I was a target of a personal vendetta by its recently retired, fourth highest member.  Mr. McLynas was smeared as a child molester of his daughter by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office; I was secretly smeared as a potential child molester of my Little Brother.  Mr. McLynas unsuccessfully sought relief by filing written complaints with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office and its Child Protection Services unit, and the Clearwater Police Department; I unsuccessfully sought relief by filing written complaints with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, the Clearwater Police Department, and the FBI’s local Clearwater field office.  Mr. McLynas was harassed and set-up by community members (such as by a trespassing realtor, discussed below); I was harassed and attempted to be set-up by several community members (such as by two realtors, discussed above).  A Pinellas County Circuit Judge (Joseph Bulone) was involved in Mr. McLynas' harassment; A Pinellas County Circuit Judge (George Greer) was involved in my harassment (during a court hearing in which I represented a client and during a later private meeting, discussed above).  The harassment against both of us was a tremendous waste and diversion of valuable law enforcement resources.  Mr. McLynas ran for Pinellas County Sheriff (November 2016 election) just to publicize the harassment against him; I created my website for the same reason (and to publicize the organized psychological harassment against me by ordinary community members, no doubt on behalf of corrupt officers, and to publicize the organized financial harassment against me.  (I do not think that Mr. McLynas was harassed this way, but I could be wrong).  The harassment against Mr. McLynas ranged from minor incidents - such as being ticketed for not having his daughter seatbelted in his car, even though they were still parked in front of his house - to outrageous, illegal conduct - such as the criminal alteration of numerous Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office reports (Child Protection Services).  The CPS once even falsely accused Mr. McLynas of molesting his own daughter, although no one ever reported any such thing.  Another example - On October 28, 2013, Mr. McLynas’ young daughter was actually handcuffed and arrested in his presence, which Mr. McLynas believed was done to get him to lose his composure, but he did not.  Mr. McLynas’ odyssey with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office began in 2009 when he was arrested for alleged domestic violence against his then wife (now Laura McLynas Fleming).  Hopefully, the deputy sheriff was unaware at the time that the woman was lying, as later determined by a judge.  The plot thickens.  That deputy sheriff, two other Pinellas County deputies, two local Clearwater Police officers, and a deputy with the neighboring Pasco County Sheriff’s Office would later simultaneously date the woman.  For years, these officers and others, including Pinellas County Sheriff Robert Gualtieri himself, tried to sabotage Mr. McLyndas’ ultimately successful effort to obtain post-divorce custody of his daughter (McLynas vs. McLynas, Case No. 10-007346-FD, Pinellas County, Florida; original divorce case number used).  In 2010, shortly after Mr. McLynas first filed complaints against the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office, he was arrested by that office for a ridiculous felony charge of “abuse of an elder.”  Mr. McLynas used a garden hose to spray a realtor’s feet who entered without permission or warning.  Mr. McLynas previously warned the same realtor, in writing, not to enter his property.  It was a set-up.  After Pinellas County Sheriff Robert Gualtieri learned that Mr. McLynas was planning to run against him, things got even worse.  For example, the day before Mr. McLynas’ final custody hearing, Sheriff Gualtieri had Mr. McLynas arrested on four ridiculous felony charges involving a car towing matter which another agency (Clearwater Police Department) previously deemed to be just a civil matter.  Mr.  McLynas had a decrepit, abandoned vehicle towed off his property which no one ever reported as stolen.  It was a set-up.  He was ridiculously charged with grand theft auto, title fraud, dealing in stolen property, and scheme to defraud.  These four charges and  the above phony "abuse of elder" charge, were all dropped on the day before the hearing of Mr. McLynas' motion to dismiss the charges.  (The above phony “abuse of elder” charge was also dropped at the same time).  When Mr. McLynas was arrested for the towing-related charges, he was not immediately taken to the Pinellas County Jail which was the standard procedure.  Instead he was first taken to Sheriff Gualtieri’s office.  The above was all done to prevent Mr. McLynas from bonding out of jail in time to attend his final custody hearing the next day.  No doubt, Sheriff Gualtieri knew that Mr. McLynas was not represented by an attorney.  But, fortunately for Mr. McLynas, his friends helped him hire an attorney who attended the custody hearing.  The new judge (Judge Patricia Muscarella) did not believe that Mr. McLynas’ arrest the day before was a coincidence.  She awarded full custody to him as discussed below.  Previously during the custody case, Mr. McLynas fired his attorney because he refused to file a motion to remove the then presiding judge (Joseph Bulone).  It was revealed that a Pinellas County deputy sheriff (Deputy Paul Martin), who was dating Mr. McLynas' ex-wife at the time, improperly contacted Judge Bulone and then texted the woman that the judge would be on their side.  The day after Mr. McLynas filed a complaint against Deputy Martin (on October 10, 2013), Sheriff Gualtieri had Mr. McLynas arrested on a trumped up charge (PCSO SO13-305688).  After Mr. McLynas' custody attorney was off the case,  Mr. McLynas filed his own motion to remove Judge Bulone from the case.  He was replaced by Judge Patricia Muscarella.  She granted Mr. McLynas request to appoint a guardian ad litem (a child’s legal representative).  Judge Muscarella also ordered the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office to provide all Child Protection Services (CPS) reports to the guardian ad litem.  During their first meeting, Mr. McLynas and the court-appointed guardian ad litem (Dr. Robert Evans) compared their copies of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office’s CPS reports.  They discovered that every negative reference about the ex-wife was deleted in Dr. Evans’ copies!  For example, the language in Mr. McLynas’ copy of the first CPS report (CPI 2009-124813-1), written after Mr. McLynas was arrested in 2009 for alleged domestic violence, did not contain Mrs. McLynas’ admission that she lied.  In all, Dr. Evans and Mr. McLynas determined that 34 CPS reports were criminally altered.  After reviewing all relevant document, Dr. Evans wrote in his final report - "...all such accusations by Laura are highly questionable...This suggests that Child Protection Investigation was well aware that there were no verified findings of wrongdoing at any time by James, however, the Child Protection Investigation reports label James as a ‘violent habitual offender’…James presented text messages, ... that all supported the claim that Laura was simultaneously intimately involved with multiple police officers from multiple jurisdictions…”  Dr. Evans' entire report was approved and incorporated into her final judgment awarding full custody to Mr. McLynas.  

---   The following are examples of bizarre, psychological harassment reported by legitimate individuals -  A Sydney Morning Herald article in 2015 reported that Michael Page, the CEO of a well-established local firm in Sydney called Netventures, contacted a lawyer after his firm's address and phone number were listed on the internet as those of Australia's domestic intelligence agency ASIO.  During the prior two months, Mr. Page received strange and intimidating emails, text messages, and phone calls, his home's front door lock was broken, his home's power often went out, and he said "I came home and there was a bowl of sugar in the middle of the kitchen floor."  He had a falling out with a prior employee who said he trained with ASIO.  Mr. Page believed that he might be the victim of gangstalking where a person is relentlessly targeted and harassed.  (link to Sydney Morning Herald article about possible gangstalking of Michael Page).  Very similar, bizarre harassment ioccurred fairly recently -  On October 13, 2016, ABC 10 News (KGTV, San Diego, California) interviewed Facika Tafara who was the target of psychological harassment.  Although it was not mentioned in the segment, she is a board certified doctor specializing in internal medicine and the director of the Family Health Centers of San Diego.  The ABC 10 News segment did not discuss the motive for harassing  Dr. Tafara, but my guess is that she crossed a powerful member of the San Diego community, perhaps a law enforcement officer.  Yje following is summary of the segment -  “A San Diego mother said she was being targeted for weeks, with people she doesn’t know coming in her house when she’s not there.  Facika Tafara thinks she may be the victim of a bizarre practice called gang stalking or community stalking.  ‘It’s like an alternate reality, really,' she said.  'It’s spooky, and it’s my understanding that if this is actually what it is, it can go on for years.'   The reporter said that community or gang stalking is an eerie practice that takes aim at your psyche to make you almost feel like you’re going crazy.  In Tafara’s case, she said she noticed strange things out of place in her house when she would get home from work such as her windows being opened at the same level, dresser drawers opened at the same distance.  She said she even found a camera inside the bedroom of her 11-year-old son.  Tafara said she contacted police, and detectives visited her home, but they said 'if it happens again call us, but there’s not much we can do because we don’t know who it is; we don't have a face.'  That local law enforcement did not conduct a substantial investigation of Dr. Tafara's harassment does not surprise me. -  Neither the FBI's local field office, the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office, nor the Clearwater Florida Police Department investigated my detailed written complaints.  The reason is obvious - They were complicit in the harassment against me.  Based upon my personal experience, the harassment described by Dr. Tafara is just one tactic used in organized psychological harassment.  Other tactics that I have experienced in Pinellas County, Florida and here in Chiang Mai, Thailand are street theater and mobbing.  (Again, I am not accusing the Thai government or police of any wrongdoing).  (link to the ABC10 News, San Diego, t.v. segment regarding the possible gangstalking or community stalking of Dr. Facika Tafara).

---   I never was asked, and probably never will never be asked, by anyone about my porn viewing, being a Big Brother, etc.  So I have written the following very personal and embarrassing details.  It will, of course, be viewed as self-serving by many, but it is true. -  I started viewing porn online after separating from my ex-wife during the time when the internet took off (mid 1990's).  I had previously looked at porn, but the internet was addictive to me.  I was drinking heavily looking back, my mother had died, and my sister was very ill.  I was so depressed by my failed marriage, I could not then consider testing for a kidney transplant for my sister (but I did later).  I also developed a muscle disease during this time.  My private practice was overwhelming.  I was basically unable to enjoy most things around me.  The only two positive things to me at the time were my dog and my Little Brother.  During my marriage, my ex-wife (unlike my ex-girlfriend) had a strong desire to volunteer with children; she is a special ed teacher.  We volunteered as math tutors for kids for a time.  She would often have a particular special ed boy over for dinner with us.  I stayed indoors a lot except for going to my office, shopping, taking my dog to a nursing home, and visiting with my Little Brother.  Despite the good advice from my sister to meet another woman by joining clubs, etc., I took the easy way which didn’t work.  Every night (and day) for a year or longer, I tried meeting a woman online - I would start with quality sites such as, go to lower quality sites such as AOL chat rooms, and end up viewing porn.  It became obsessive.  (It didn’t work and possibly my computer was hacked then, I don’t know).  I never had gay or bisexual thoughts until one evening, I thought if I'm viewing two women, why can't I view two men.  I had basically given up on meeting a woman and I entered the gay porn world online as an experiment.

---  Some methods of organized group harassment being used against me here in Chiang Mai (and several previously in Pinellas County, Florida as well) are the following (Again, my website is not a commentary about the Thai government or police)  --  extreme arm waving or gestures made by those harassing me when I am wearing earbuds or can't hear them;  intentional crowding of me in a store, usually by one or two people;  street theater;   scripted “conversations” for me to overhear, similar to the one I posted in my above "Publix supermarket" youtube;  persons laughing immediately after I laugh;  a person near me constantly talking;  people in my immediate line of sight with unusual luggage;  disabled people in my immediate line of sight, like in my youtube video, not embedded in this website of a disabled guy walking in front of me in a parking lot in Pinellas County with a law enforcement cruiser idling right behind him);  young children being allowed to roam alone and walk next to me;  unusual vehicles in my immediate line of sight (similar to the allegation of Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Donna Watts in her federal lawsuit);  several individuals knowing my personal business (similar to the allegation of Jeffrey Kantor in his federal lawsuit);;  several vehicles backing up as I am walking past them (similar to what was written in the text which was hacked into one of my Google Docs, discussed below);  etc.

---   My other website, entitled "Criticism of Complaints of Gang-Stalking Study by Dr. Sheridan" (link) - is a 20 point criticism of a recent "research" paper, entitled "Complainants of group-stalking ('gang-stalking'): an exploratory study of their nature and impact on complainants," co-authored by Dr. Lorraine Sheridan and Dr. David James (published online in 2015).  The "research"  concludes that all persons complaining of organized group harassment are delusional.  Drs. Sheridan and James, a psychologist and psychiatrist respectively, have no background or training in the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community.  Dr. Sheridan has worked with law enforcement  in the field of traditional stalking, if you will, but neither author investigated or relied upon any investigation of, the above community regarding group-stalking or gang-stalking.  Their study did not mention the extensive, well-documented history of organized group harassment by -  East Germany's law enforcement/domestic intelligence agency (Stasi); by the FBI under its Cointelpro program; by the Church of Scientology against defecting members; by Christian evangelicals against sorority and fraternity members in the U.S., etc.  Also, Dr. Sheridan and James did not mention the pending federal lawsuit of Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Donna Watts, the federal lawsuit of Jeffrey Kantor (dismissed for lack of evidence, as were the allegations of pre-Snowden NSA whistleblowers who lacked documentation), etc.  Based upon my personal experience and the reasons stated in the other website. I contend that the paper was either shoddy research or, more likely, written due to a concern by corrupt members of the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community about the growing number of legitimate articles. posts, and websites (like mine) about organized psychological harassment (gangstalking).  The Dr. Sheridan and James paper reminded me of the tobacco industry's past misuse of"research" to downplay the link between smoking and cancer.  

A year after the above Sheridan and James gangstalking study was published online (and only three weeks after a Washington Post article about bizarre psychological harassment of U.S. diplomats in Russia), a New York Times article entitled "United States of Paranoia: They See Gangs of Stalkers" by Mike McPhate was published (June 2016).  Mr. McPhate relied upon the Sheridan and James study to conclude that all complainants of organized group harassment must be delusional.  Like Drs. Sheridan and James, Mr. McPhate has no background, training, or expertise in the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community.  (He was the New York Times web page designer and manager).  Also, like Drs. Sheridan and James, he failed to investigate, or rely upon any investigation of the community.  (Years earlier, another New York Times reporter, Judith Miller, wrote articles based upon misinformation spoon-fed to her by government officials shortly before the U.S. invaded Iraq).  Mr. McPhate's poor research and/or biased journalism was demonstrated by what he wrote, or more correctly, by what he failed to write about Karen Stewart in his article -  “Karen Stewart of Tallahassee, Florida, believes large numbers of regular people have been brainwashed by the National Security Agency into thinking that she is a traitor or terrorist. Wherever she goes, she says - to church, to the grocery store, to the doctor’s office  - they are there, watching.  It baffles her, she said. But worse ,’It makes me angry to see how many people in this country are sociopaths. They are absolute group think drones,’ she said ’I don’t even consider them human anymore.’”  But, astonishingly, Mr. McPhate failed to write that Karen Stewart was a longtime intelligence analyst for the National Security Agency (NSA) in the Weapons and Space department.  She had worked for the NSA for 28 years until she was fired.  Because another employee was credited with, and promoted for, Ms. Stewart’s award-winning intelligence work, Ms. Stewart filed an EEOC lawsuit against the NSA in 2010.  She alleged that the other employee, who also worked in the Weapons and Space department, was a woman who provided sexual favors to NSA managers.  NSA officials threatened to label her “delusional” if she did not drop her lawsuit.  But she did not drop her lawsuit, was then diagnosed as "delusional” by the NSA - despite prior positive evaluations - and was fired.  Another NSA whistleblower, Retired Lt. Commander Thomas Reinbold, said that NSA employees call NSA's delusional tactic as “ doing a mental."  Because of my experience, I believe Karen Stewart that she was the target of organized group harassment by NSA security and by civilians acting on its behalf.  (Ms. Stewart has written - “I attempted to contact media during the first stalking and harassment campaign in 2009, and Siobhan Gorman of the Wall Street Journal even informed me that my story about being aggressively stalked by NSA Security was very similar to not only other ‘whistleblowers,’ but to stories other journalists told each other about also being stalked and harassed by NSA Security after they had written a less than flattering story about NSA.  I was on the verge of giving my story to Ellen Nakashima of the Washington Post that same year when NSA demanded that the EEOC judge, Baltimore, enter a gag order...NSA's one trick pony in persecuting whistleblowers is viciously slandering the person based solely on NSA Security lies and fabrications. This was used to elicit the help of the FDLE and their civilian vigilante group "Infragard" to participate in criminal, organized stalking. This was NSA's immediate reaction to my lawyer's subpoena in February 2015 of evidence…”).   

Shortly after Mr. McPhate's article was published, another article, entitled “The Nightmarish Online World of ‘Gang-Stalking,’”(link) by Roisin Kiberd, was published online (July 2016).  Ms. Kiberd, like Mr. McPhate, also relied upon the Sheridan and James paper to also conclude that all people reporting group harassment must be delusional.  Like Drs. Sheridan and James and Mike McPhate, Ms. Kiberd has no background, training, or expertise in the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community, and did not substantially investigate, or rely upon any substantial investigation, of the community.  Other articles have relied upon the Sheridan and James "research" and, unfortunately, future articles will do so as well.​​​​​  

---   The following, very lengthy section regards - (a)  my email correspondence with the corrupt person(s) in, or associated with, the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community; (b)  an article about me which was recently anonymously posted online - "In re Richard Griesinger, Esq. - an online defamation and libel;" and (c)  hacked text that mysteriously appeared in one of my Google Docs.  ----

More than a year after the Sheridan and James gangstalking "research" was posted online (on July 16, 2015), I (Richard Griesinger) published my second website criticizing the study (on August 18, 2016).  The two following articles appeared online just a few days after I published my website -  An article entitled “Academic Research on Organized Gang Stalking is Lacking. So are Sheridan and James, and Dietrich” (posted in the website on September 9, 2016) and an article entitled “Gangstalking Study by Dr. Lorraine Sheridan is Fundamentally Flawed” (posted in the website - on September 14, 2016, which is linked to the above website).  I am certain that the two phony articles were published as disinformation by a corrupt person(s) in, or associated with, the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community to counter my website.  Consider the following ---  I sent the following email to the supposed author of the first article on October 3, 2016 - 

“ Mon, Oct 3, 2016
<> Name: Richard Griesinger
Contact Form URL:
Dear volunteer teacher:  
I have read your criticism of the Drs. Sheridan and James study re group-stalking. I believe the study is shoddy "research," but I have some questions for you - 1. What is your name?  2. What city do you live in?  3. What [my comment - I meant to ask - Why] are you writing articles about group-stalking? That is, are you a victim of group-stalking? If so, what are the specific reason(s)? Your website  contains no details of your personal experience (names, dates, etc.) why not?
Thank you,
Richard Griesinger ”

I received the following email reply to my above email on October 5, 2016 - which not only failed to answer my questions, but also attempted to intimidate and threatened me.  Understand that the author wrote that “she” was a volunteer teacher, but comes across as a private investigator.  But more significantly, although the author is a supposed fellow victim of organized harassment -  supposedly empathetic with fellow victims - “she" did “her” best to try to intimidate, threaten, and marginalize me -

“ Richard-
Also, in my sidebar, I have posted some 'free tools that you can use' to document these gang stalkers.  As you might imagine, as an investigative journalist, I have developed habits- and one of those habits is checking IP addresses. Yours is [my comment - I changed the numbers to x's], in Thailand, as you noted. I have also noticed someone (you) checking my blogs regularly in the last several days via my wordpress 'stats counter.' This sort of information, while in and of itself is not a case or necessarily immediately useful, is evidentiary material in piece and in parcel. In my sidebar, I offer you free tools that you can use as well to document any harassment you might still be enduring.  I do not know what you would like from your personal situation, but I am available to investigate should you need a stateside investigator.  As you know, these hidden investigations take the form of harassment, and death threats etc.  And much of the is online, and leaves trace evidence. And, it is these little pieces of data that create for you, and others, the basic claim that you have been, in fact, targeted by scumbags.
Best regards,
popi ”

A few hours later, I received another email from “popi” - which also did not answer my questions and was another attempt to intimidate and threaten me --

“  Hi Chiang Mai ( Richard?). 
You can call me popi, like the flower. Well, for all of your questions, I would have to defer to my attorneys, located in my sidebar, where you can also read a bit about me in my bio ( but not too much).  I am primarily, a writer, and a journalist. My case began many years ago, when I wrote a story about a purported terrorist in a college newspaper. Yes, I have been gang staked multiple times, in multiple places over time.  And, my website DOES contain details, but they are laced within the narrative itself. Unlike yourself, I cannot afford to leave this country in order to write my story [my comment - "popi"'s community knows full well that I moved to Chiang Mai because I could no longer afford to live in Pinellas County due to my loss of income [my comment -  "Popi''s community knows full well that I moved to Chiang Mai because I could no longer afford to live in Pinellas County due to my loss of income], and as you well know, people get hurt and even killed over talking about these things [my comment - intimidation and threats].  If I recall correctly- you are the guy who got stalked in Florida? Your narrative is a wonderful, clear, and concise telling of your tale.Very helpful, and insightful, and unlike the nutty blogs out there, is nearly court room worthy.  And, this that you endured is  called "pedofication," this situation that you described in your online work. A man named John Lang, an ex-marine, and a police corruption activist,  from Fresno California was found dead in his burning house, as firefighters sat blocks away [my comment - more intimidation and threats], after he described essentially the same thing you described.  They accused you of being a pedophile and so on. This fits a pattern, and part of my goal is to reveal those that do these things to others. I am offering a reward of up to 15k for anyone who can successfully bring a group of these cowardly POS to trial, and conviction.  I honestly don't care if the people who are accused by these gang stalkers are indeed guilty of these purported crimes [my comment - I care] - what matters to me is how these hidden harassment campaigns, misuse of inappropriately gained personal data, and slander based in hearsay are affecting my country.  I mean- if these things are true about you, and others, as the stalkers claim- then why not get it into a courtroom?  [my comment - I tried to hire a law firm to file a police misconduct lawsuit, but soon learned that firms only wanted to handle cases that involve one or two incidents and, therefore, easier to litigate].  The answer to that is that they are avoiding,  in plain legal terms- they are avoiding cases where clear legal standing would invoke the very hidden processes that they employ in these domestic terror campaigns waged against American citizens.  I am interested in interviewing people who this has happened to, and also, possibly building towards a class action lawsuit, or in the very least, bringing this practice to light in a legitimate narrative structure that 'ordinary' people can understand, and begin to dismantle as a social ill.  My case, like yours, involves dirty cops who misused data, and access to my personal life. It also included Jewish organizations [my comment - My harassment has not included Jewish organizations, but has included many evangelicals], community groups and more. And, regardless of their basis, it was illegal and needs to be brought to light.  I am sure you have heard that phrase more than once from these religious nutjobs? They are fond of the phrase " what happens in darkness...." and so on. So, yes, my goal is to shine a light on these POS.  If you are interested in telling me more, it would be on condition of anonymity- I am a journalist doing deep cover journalism, and my word is my bond. I would sit in jail for a source that provides accurate, factual information, and I would even put that into a confidentiality agreement if necessary.  Well, if you would like to coresspond, I will be available.
Best regards,
popi "

1st Update re"popi" --
I regularly Google search my name "Richard Griesinger" with the word “harass” or "gangstalking" to see what websites have discussed me.  In mid October 2016, my search revealed an article entitled "Former Clearwater Florida City Attorney criticizes Dr. Lorraine Sheridan’s highly discredited study on gang stalking (the one where she never actually talked to a single victim)” posted in the website  The phrase “pop-agenda-culture” is listed near the top of the website; “popagandi” is the name of the author of the sister website - whatisorganizedstalking.wordpress. com).  As a bad pun, the above names bring to mind "propaganda" defined as misleading information designed to promote a cause.  The website - - preposterously begins with a quote by a science fiction writer (Kurt Vonnegut), contains outrageous posts (either written as disinformation or posted by delusional individuals), discusses chewing gum on the bottom of a shoe, its sidebar contains an item "this is not a conspiracy theory blog," and, of course, contains no specific and verifiable facts about the author.  The following is the article about me ("Former Clearwater Florida City Attorney...") in <<  >>'s, portions of which I have bolded and underlined, followed by my comments in brackets --

<<   " As academics, ‘crisis PR’ professionals, and journalists scramble over each other face to ass  [my comment - intentional, over-the-top language] to deny, obfuscate, dismiss, discredit, deny and destroy   [my comment - This is the language of intelligence agencies used to describe their disruption of targets' lives]  the narrative of individuals who have endured organized mobbing, cyber stalking, multi stalking, cause stalking, aka gang stalking, while also garnering federal or intelligence agency funding, some narratives stand out from the chatter.  Richard Griesinger's story of gang stalking is one of those stories: a clear spoken case of harassment  [my comment - "Clear spoken" because all of my factual statements are true], without the highly suspect ‘they’re zapping me with satellite beams!’ distortion  [my comment -  I have no idea about this.  But I did read about a long-time NSA intelligence analyst, Karen Stewart (Weapons and Space department).  She filed an EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity) complaint in 2010 alleging that another female employee in her department, who provided sexual favors to managers, was given credit for her intelligence reports and promoted in her place.  NSA officials warned Ms. Stewart to drop her complaint or she would be diagnosed as delusional.  She did not drop her complaint, was diagnosed as "delusional" despite prior positive evaluations, and was fired.  (A long-time NSA officer, Retired Lt. Commander, Thomas Reinbold, called this practice as "doing a mental").  Ms. Stewart documented the gangstalking against her by NSA security members and others on their behalf.  She also photographed burn marks which she said perhaps resulted from a portable device used by a corrupt stalker (think of possible sonic weapons being used against U.S. diplomats in Cuba, I don't know).  I don't know, but I do know that detailed allegations of whistleblowers, not the general denials of higher officials, usually turn out to be correct].  Shortly after I discovered his narrative, I was contacted by him, and then, my internet became a sludged mess of slowness, accompanied by a mysterious screen capture process that leaves behind traces in the form of blank images.  My router logged DDoS attacks for days.  [my comment - This is typical disinformation.  The anonymous author(s) reversed the facts.  I did not harass the author(s); rather, my law office's internet access, email accounts, and phones were hacked to financially disrupt me.  (I had to close my law office in 2012 as a result).  My personal internet access (that is, my iphone and email accounts) were hacked, and continue to be hacked, to harass me.  My two websites may have been hacked as well to reduce traffic, but I don't know.  If so, I don't know if the above tactics were used against my websites].  I received an early morning phone call from Florida (I have an unlisted phone number that I use only as a one-way radio) [my comment - What??], the state where he claims to hail from.  I have never been to Florida, but from everything I have read, it is one of the most corrupt, religious backwaters in America - a state notorious for lynchings, with a claim to fame that they routed and burned an entire town of freed slaves which, for me at least, indicates the veracity of his story, as these gang stalking complaints are often retaliatory, or vengeful covert prosecutions of individuals, not at all unlike lynch mobs of olden times, but with the internet.  Use your imagination on the possibility of how the internet can be and is weaponized - Griesinger's story has those details too.  This uptick in my personal harassment [my comment - I did not harass the author; I only exposed "her" disinformative article in my website] could also indicate that his story is one that any number of agencies use as bait/honeynet [my comment - This may have occurred about a year ago here in Chiang Mai (today is August 29, 2017)] to troll and abuse victims and others who research this topic.  As I have written before, the very act of publicizing these stories brings harassment upon an author.  This is the sad state of American propaganda today  [my comment - I contend that corrupt members in, or associated with, the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community are behind disinformative articles regarding gangstalking, including the subject article about my website.  Consider the name of the website in which the article about me was posted - - a bad pun which brings to mind propaganda or disinformation.  Of course, undoubtedly, delusional persons post online about gangstalking as well.]  - it is designed to occult the real narratives from the fake, and makes actual journalists the targets of MSM, [my comment -  This is probably accurate that legitimate journalists who investigate gangstalking will be targeted by corrupt members of the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community.  Consider the following analogous examples -  In 2012, two USA Today employees - editor Ray Locker and Pentagon reporter Tom Vanden Brook - were the targets of computer hacking and other dirty tricks.  They had been investigating Pentagon information operatives ("info ops").  The journalists said fake Twitter and Facebook accounts were created in their names, and phony derogatory comments were posted about them online.  Mr. Locker said the harassment campaign was “something I’ve never experienced in 30 years.”  Another example - An article by investigative journalist, Ronan Farrow, entitled "Harvey Weinstein's Army of Spies" was published in November 2017.  The article exposed an extensive psychological campaign against a Weinstein victim/whistleblower, Rose McGowan.  She was targeted by a firm ("Black Cube") consisting of former members of Israel's intelligence agency, Mossad.  Ms. McGowan said her experience was like being in the movie "Gaslight." - "Everyone lied to me all the time."  She added that for the past year - "I lived inside a mirrored fun house.”  The article's author, Ronan Farrow, and another investigative journalist were also targeted], the FOP, or other propaganda outlets.  Regardless, that is the nature of this topic - and also why MSM and even alternative journalists won’t write about it  [my comment - Not true. Mainstream media is beginning to cover legitimate accounts of gangstalking].   Simply put, many who speak or write about organized gang stalking have died, been killed, or become themselves targeted by these hidden practices.  [my comment - This is one of many implicit threats against me in the article.  The author replied to my email to "her", which I posted in both of my websites, that "she" is a fellow victim of gangstalking.  However, "she" is doing "her" best here to intimidate and threaten me]  In that light, there are several categories of persons who claim harm in this dialectic: whistle blowers of police and other state corruption, petty criminals who are hounded to confess to crimes, journalists, alleged terrorists or others who fit some ever-morphing DHS profile, and more.  They seek solace on the internet, and also, perhaps, flee there as a place to tell a story that is by design occulted from our view; they flee there because they fear they could be murdered, perhaps, without witnesses.  (A young man was recently found shot, and burned to death in his car in Ferguson MO. Shortly before his murder, he tweeted that he had been surrounded by ten police detectives, and warned that he ‘better choose his friends wisely’RIP Darren Seals.)  The narrative of Richard Griesinger falls into several of those categories  [my comment - more intimidation and threats against me] - part whistle blower, possible petty criminal (if in fact having a relationship with a client is illegal in his state)  [my comment - My relationship with the divorcing/later ex-wife of a high ranking law enforcement officer is the reason for my harassment in Pinellas County (detailed in my main website -].  And he claims his internet was monitored, [my comment -  I knew that my computer was being monitored and agreed to it.  A statement to that effect was in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters application which I signed] and he was then pedofied  [my comment - I was secretly smeared as a pedophile due to revenge by the ex-husband who was the fourth highest member of the local Pinellas County, Florida Sheriff's Office.  My attempts to hire professionals to disprove the insidious smear were always interfered with.]  by local law enforcement as a result.  Similarly, John Lang of Fresno California suffered a similar fate before he died. [my comment - more intimidation and threats].  Let me say this, by way of personal disclosures: as an author, writer, and concerned citizen I unequivocally state that I don’t care if these stalkers claim one of their victims is a satanic cult serial killer, and that their ‘investigatory method of gang stalking justifies the ends of their means; they do not, and cannot, because justice is not served by misconduct and deviant crime in order to ‘combat crime.’  For me, I remember the good old days of due process, and many of us are due that-standing in a court of law is far better than laying down in a grave, because mobs of cowards can’t handle the darkness of days when they are revealed, as they have done to others.  And in that light, be forewarned: my writing and other research on this topic is my non-violent attempt  [my comment - more intimidation and threats, whether financial, an interference with my stay in Thailand, physical, etc., I don't know] to bring light where there is darkness - to bring voice to the voiceless, and en toto, an act of artful civil disobedience. "   >>

2nd Update re "popi" --
On November 13, 2016, “popi” - the anonymous corrupt person or persons in, or associated with, the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community - published the below article online about me entitled “In re: Richard Griesinger, Esq, and online defamation and libel."  The article was published soon after I discussed “her” above two threatening emails to me in this website.  The article was published in several of "her" disinformative websites,e.g.,, and  There are perhaps five reasons why "popi"'s community is concerned about my two websites -  (1) My factual statements about the organized financial and psychological harassment against me since 2008 are true, many are detailed, and some are documented; (2) I am a credible person (established attorney forced to close my law office in 2012 due to hacking and harassment); (3) The motive for my harassment - revenge by the ex-husband (a high ranking law enforcement officer whose divorcing/ex-wife I dated from 2003 to 2011 - is obvious and documented; (4) I am verifiable (i.e., my identity and location is clear, unlike “popi”); and (5) The above community’s use of gangstalking and other harassing tactics is slowly losing the cover of plausible deniability due to increasing exposure in legitimate media (e.g., a Sydney Morning Herald article about CEO Michael Page in Australia, an ABC TV segment about Dr. Facika Tafara in California, Miami Herald articles about Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Donna Watts, an ABC TV 20/20 segment about Mr. and Mrs. Krlich in Ohio, etc.), and due to an increasing number of legitimate websites by credible individuals (for example, Roderick Russell in Canada, longtime NSA intelligence analyst Karen Stewart, and me).  The following is “popi”’s article about me (in <<  >>'s), portions of which I have bolded and underlined, followed by my comments in brackets --  

<<   “In re: Richard Griesinger, Esq, and online defamation and libel. The researcher of organized stalking will note various information/disinformation on the web about organized gang stalking  [my comment - I agree, and the websites and articles by “popi”’s community are prime examples of disinformation. Snowden documents revealed that Western intelligence agencies post phony websites and articles online to discredit legitimate individuals and topics]. What should become clear after some amount of time is that this is by design of the hidden cultural practice that it is.  This researcher has several blogs, and I do not use my personal identity in any of them  [my comment - “popi” wouldn’t even disclose “her” name or city of residence to me by email] because in this ‘phenomena’ what then happens is that blogs are stalked, hacked, and online comes offline, as gang stalkers seek to silence those of us who research, or raise awareness of this topic. In other words, criminal activity under color of law begins when this topic is discussed openly  [my comment - subtle intimidation and threats against me]. I wrote about a case that has all the trappings of authenticity - the case of one  Richard Griesinger, Esq. [my comment - authentic because all of my factual statements are true, many are specific, and some are documented - a concern to “popi”’s community] - on one of my blogs, and the very next day received a phone call from a state where he formerly resided. That could indicate that he is not who he says he is; it could indicate that his blog is just another psyop; it could indicate many other things. But to me, the researcher, what it revealed- again- is how well connected these people are, as I never give that phone number to anyone-ever. That seems significant.  Then, the blog became increasingly interesting to some in the community of gang stalking, and for various reasons, I closed the blog to any but registered and verified users. In short order, Israeli’s, MEPCON, and a few un-named persons requested access.  Put another way- my blog got mobbed by people interested in that story and others. I have been mobbed by the fanatical Zionists, LEIU pedophiles, Israeli’s from Squad 8200, and law enforcement as well as pimple faced military trolls, and often, these mobbing’s come offline, into the real world, where these people do other things that endanger life and safety  [my comment - again, more intimidation and threats].  What this indicates to the researcher, is an inference that this topic gets certain folks riled up in the least, and drives some into furious counter-narrative. That seems important, because most legitimate research agrees that those who practice in the occult of gang stalking, are in fact from within the LEO and security industry, which at this time, has effectively replaced the Ku Klux Klan, the JDO, and the so-called ‘white identity’ movement that preceded the current Christian Zionists  [my comment - Harassment against me in Pinellas County, Florida and here in Chiang Mai has included, among others, American evangelicals (e.g., by Pinellas County Circuit Judge George Greer, former client Cathy Bulger, my ex-girlfriend’s ex-husband, basically a Catholic evangelical, probably a large number of law enforcement officers in Pinellas County, etc.), no doubt, because I viewed some gay porn online.  I never would have a gay or bisexual encounter, but that should be nobody’s business] as fanatical bombers and so on,  as a domestic terrorists.  In fact, the cross cultural membership, criminal, and institutional corruption of theses LEIU, security contractor, Scientologist/Mormon/Christian/Jewish gangs [my comment - My harassment has not involved Jewish gangs, but has involved evangelicals],  LEO’s, community policing initiatives nearly vindicate the modern Klan as a mere political action group that practices free speech, and their version of history.  According to OSINT easily found online, Richard Griesinger, Esq., was formerly a City Attorney in Pinellas County Florida, in an era when Scientologists were seeking influence in that area. I saved a copy of the original webpage (here is what he- or someone- calls his original webpage), and all communications I have had with him, as often these near legitimate stories are in fact psychological operations designed to intimidate me, the researcher, or the people like him, a purported victim of gang stalking. In other words, I protect both of us, from whoever would corrupt or challenge the narrative.  I use WordPress because it auto saves posts with a time stamp, as does Gmail, and so, I can prove beyond any and all reasonable doubt that Richard Griesinger has libeled and defamed this author  [my comment - First, the nerve of "popi"'s community to write of defamation, when I have been secretly slandered of being a pedophile or child molester.  Second, truth is a complete defense, and anonymous persons, like “popi,” cannot be the subject of defamation], and attempted to discredit the narrative I have documented.  I will make this available to any credentialed researcher of organized gang stalking, should you be verifiable as an authentic researcher.  I reached out to this Griesinger fellow, because I believe that much of what he wrote is an authentic story, and based upon his recent post, I believe that, like many of these victims, his narrative is mixed with features of a possibly un-diagnosed personality disorder [my comment - First, remember that "popi" is supposedly a fellow victim of organized group harassment, but is doing "her" best to marginalize me! Also, as I discussed in both of my websites - governmental agencies, corporations, and other entities in the United States and other countries have used the “delusional” tactic against whistleblowers, dissidents, and targets (e.g., the NSA against whistleblowers Russell Tice and  Thomas Reinbold, the Pacific Gas & Electric Company against a manager and whistleblower Neil J. Aiken, etc. all of whom were later vindicated], but I find his story credible on cursory research ( I am not a mental health professional [my comment - There "she" goes again], this is just my opinion about a person who made their business public online; nor do I seek to make life harder for this fellow, but I will not discuss it further than that.)  I attempted a dialogue with this person/entity, and in return, was rewarded with libelous, slanderous comments about my work. A sad fact of those of us who actually seek to bring light to this dark practice are often pitted against each other, perhaps by our own biases or mental illness  [my comment - There “she” goes again]; and often by agents and agencies whose exact goal is this form of exploitation.  I have a background with social workers and psychologists, and so, I am aware that mental illness can be of the paranoid variety. Griesinger’s current version of “his” story exhibits this trait [my comment - There “she” goes again.  And, as I wrote above, "popi" is supposedly a fellow victim of organized group harassment].  These days, and since I closed that blog, this blog gets hits every two days or so from Thailand. I can prove that to any legitimate researcher of organized gang stalking.  So, Mr/Miss Griesinger,, former City Prosecutor, etc, or whoever, whatever agency has co-opted your/his name and identity,  I once again, here in plain sight of the whole world, extend you the opportunity to retract your slander/libel, or whatever it is. Then, in lieu of that, I will take other measures [my comment - more subtle intimidation and threats].  Now, to the researcher of organized stalking, note that Thailand is a beneficiary of tens of millions of American dollars per year  [my comment - no doubt, “popi” is letting me know that “her” community has financial clout in Thailand] for initiatives that ‘combat sex trafficking and child sexual exploitation.’ [my comment - I will not be smeared as a pedophile, child molester, a potential one, a sex trafficker, or potential one.  My ex-girlfriend’s ex-husband - a high ranking local law enforcement officer whose best friend was a retired FBI agent - had me smeared for revenge (detailed in my main website). The smear has always been secret (that is, always behind my back or anonymous) and was denied by law enforcement in Pinellas County.  My attempts to hire professionals to disprove it were always interfered with.  The FBI denied my written request to investigate.  (I notified the U.S. Consulate’s Office here in Chiang Mai in 2015 of the smear and threats against me, my main website, etc. just for record). It is a cross-roads nexus state where sex trafficking takes place as children and women, and Thai lady-boys are shuffled across borders by actual rings of sex traffickers.  This is one reason why talking about this topic can  be dangerous  [my comment - more intimidation and threats], both to the researcher, and to individuals who are targeted by gang stalking. Organized rings of pedophiles, and literal and actual gangs of sex traffickers operate from Thailand to America and beyond, often in the disguise of these social justice movements, and anti-sex trafficking NGO’s, cults and actual gangs, many of which are funded by USAID and other military’ intelligence agency black budgets.  Do you see a connection? I do.  It is this researchers opinion that organized gang stalking, pornography, prostitution, and sex trafficking are related, and part of my hypotheses is that both sides of the trafficking narrative derive billions per year, one way or the other, and often work together, as was the case of Yugoslavia/Bosnia in the 1993 era.  It is no different today, and many who research gang stalking will find this to be the case as well- there is a provable link between those who create a moral panic, and those who police the narratives of moral panic. In fact, they are one and the same, like Laurel and Hardy, Pinky and the Brain-or a cat and a mouse: those who claim to be ‘combating’ a moral scourge, are the exact same people and groups deriving profit from all sides of the issue.  But in the case of the ‘targeted individual,’they are the scratching post the cats sharpen claws on; a form of bullying so severe and debilitating, that many take their own lives, are forced into false confessions, or worse, with some committing crimes in attempts to get a case into a court room, because the involvement of police and other institutional and community occult factors into often unwinnable dilemmas, and legal basis or legal standing issues.  So, Mr. Griesinger, I do not wish to add to your trauma- regardless of whatever you were accused of, the hidden practice of gang stalking needs to be brought into the light- I applaud your attempt to do that. And as you know, I extended my empathy to you, and you returned it by posting alleged private data. Regardless of your choice, once again- I ask that you retract your deliberate lies, and other statements about my writing, and my hypotheses. Any correspondence I have had with you will be revealed in a court room if necessary  [my comment - I have nothing to hide except embarrassment, but your community certainly has a lot to hide.  Also, I have been consistently denied the opportunity to place the secret smear and harassment against me into public view.]. And, in lieu of that, I will take further active measures  [my comment - more intimidation and threats].“ (posted on November 13, 2016).   >>   [My final comment - Compare the content of my two websites with that of “popi”’s emails, 'her' article about me, and 'her' disinformative websites.  Unlike “popi,” I am verifiable and have provided specific details regarding the motive and nature of the hacking and organized financial and psychological harassment against me].

3rd Update re "popi"'s community --
I recently (December 6, 2016) noticed text at the top of one of my documents ("CM - Diary") in my Google Docs app on my iphone.  I did not write it.  (A linguistic expert isn't needed to show this).  The text was hacked and placed into my “CM - Diary,” no doubt, as a psychological ploy by a corrupt person(s) in, or associated with,  the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community.  "CM"  stands for Chiang Mai, the Thai city where I live.  I do not write lengthy, general text in my CM-Diary, but rather only write short comments about specific events which occur in Chiang Mai, except for an occasional, short general comment.  Although much of the content is true and although I wrote somewhat similar text in other Google Docs, some of it is not, and some of it is exaggerated.  Interestingly, the hacked text does contains some methods which are used to harass me (in Chiang Mai and previously in Pinellas County, Florida).  I have bolded and underlined portions of the hacked text (in <<  >>'s) followed by my comments in brackets. --

<<   “The number of people despising me here in Chiang Mai is astounding  [my comment - First, consider the diabolical effort in writing and hacking the below text.  Second, consider the diabolical and extensive effort to smear me in Chiang Mai as a pedophile.  Also, although the fact of the smear is true (initially secretly spread as revenge by my ex-girlfriend’s ex-husband in Pinellas County.  There has always been an evangelical undercurrent, if you will, involved in the smear both in Pinellas County and in Chiang Mai).  I never wrote such a sentence.  I would not use the words "despising" and "astounding" in this context.]  When viewed in one perspective,  it’s almost fascinating.  Again, I cope well because I naturally consider myself a reader, not a participant of my novel-like harassing experiences.  What outfits [my comment - I do not use the word "outfit" or "outfits"] will some harassers be wearing, what newspaper or book will they be reading and want me to peek at [my comment - I do not use the word "peek," although Jeffrey Kantor's lawsuit, which I discussed, refers to "sneak and peek" surveillance].  What vehicles wlil be backing up near me this time.  Will giggles  [my comment - I do not use the word "giggle" or "giggles," but psychological harassment against me has included, for example,  cars backing up as I pass, people coughing as I pass, a customer next to me in a restaurant doing his best to get my attention to an opened newspaper he was holding out which had the word “delusional” prominently displayed on a page, etc.] be used or a menacing look, or maybe get a passing cough.  It all is curiously and loosely organized  [my comment -  The phrase "loosely organized" was parroted from what I wrote in this website (reason 6 above) - that I believe that there is a loose network worldwide of, hopefully just rogue, corrupt members of the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community.  However, the harassment here in Chiang Mai, as in Pinellas County, Florida, is very organized].  I get it, but it really and truly has no lasting effect on me, except for the dramatic entry of an oddball-looking guy  [my comment - I would not use the phrase "dramatic entry of an oddball-looking guy"] etc.  It all seems a big waste of time and money (assuming some of the sheep are paid.  No doubt, the vangies [my comment -   I created some documents in my Google Docs app on my iphone entitlewd "Evangs - [subject] about Christian evangelicals, but I do not use the words "vange" or "vangies" to refer to them. But their influence in my harassment is demonstrated by the amount of hacked text regarding them] work free of change.  They hate gays, I know, I get it.  But the funny thing, folks, I’m not gay, I know that’s a tough one for you.  And for you vangies and others, I have never fantasized about my Little Brother and any other child, ever.  You can believe that or not -  it won’t change the truth.  I admire the clean lifestyle and many values you vangies hold to, but I feel sorry for you as well, really (not pity), that your minds and emotions are trapped and limited by setting life and religion in black and white concrete.  You folks have tried to set who I am in concrete terms as well, but most people defy such classifications.  I’m not a religious person - I don’t like organized religions, particularly dogmatic ones like yours, any orthodox, maybe if I were black and the rousing and soulful gospel music and all, but I was a robotic acolyte for three or four years and the form over substance turned me off.  Vange churches are even worse. Vanges are too Old Testament, not enough New Testament- lighten up and live longer."   >>

4th Update re “popi”’s community --
That “popi”’s community - those corrupt individuals in, or associated with, the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community - is concerned about my website was demonstrated by five, no doubt related, websites which recently (in mid December 2016) posted “popi”’s phony criticism of my website -,,,, and  A minor update - In January 2017, I discovered two more, no doubt related, websites which also posted "popi"'s phony criticism of my website - and  A second minor update - In February 2017, I discovered yet another, no doubt, related website which posted "popi"'s phony critcism of my website -  As I wrote above, Snowden documents revealed that intelligence agencies flood the internet with disinformation to discredit legitimate individuals and topics.  

The following comments, noted with >>, were comments made by people for me to overhear --

>>   Within the past month (today is September 10, 2015) foreigners in a restaurant in Chiang Mai where I usually eat breakfast have made comments loud enough for me to overhear them, no doubt intended (in the manner described by Jeffrey Kantor, discussed above) such as the following or similar wording - "He'll be the first person on a retirement visa to be declined for political reasons." (said with a smirk); "He will be in a tunnel with a train coming;" "He better apply for an ED visa (another type of visa)."  It seemed to me that these people were aware that I will have a problem extending my one year stay in Thailand using my retirement visa.  I was previously informed by a knowledgeable person here that extending a one year stay using a retirement visa is a fairly straight forward matter.  (Update -  I did obtain a one year extension of stay in 2015 based upon retirement, but I stand by the above comments).

>>   Similar to what I wrote in the above paragraph (which I moved from its original location in my website for clarity), today (today is August 19, 2016) a foreign woman, presumably an American,  in the same restaurant , spoke in a loud voice for me to overhear about a person who will have a problem extending his visa.  Also, within the past two or three weeks, many people, both local and foreigners (presumably Americans), have been saying the phrase pronounced "phone toke" (which means raining in Thai) just as I walked past them, several people with smirks.  This is significant because this has occurred many times on clear days.  (Jeffrey Kantor alleged in his federal lawsuit, that individuals, including co-workers,  would comment to him about private facts, often by speaking loudly near him).  As I wrote in the above paragraph, extending a one year retirement visa is a relatively simple procedure.  I do not expect any problem, as I have already extended my visa last year, but if there should be a problem, I have noted it here.  (Update -  Yesterday (today is September 14, 2016), I did obtain a new one year extension of stay in 2016 based upon retirement, but, again, I stand by my comments.

>>   For the past couple of days (today is September 14, 2016), I have been hearing the following comments of mainly Thais, I believe, standing or walking near me saying some or all of the following -  "phone toke" (raining), "boom boom" (sex), "new-wad" (massage), and "visa."  Interesting because I got my new one year extension yesterday.  (Today is September 16, 2016, the same type of comments continue).  

>>   (Today is June 13, 2017), many people recently have been saying for me to overhear - "Ja Reean"  (phonetic for will learn), "Saum Dew-in" (phonetic for three months; when I will extend my retirement visa), "My Cow-gye" (phonetic for doesn't understand),  "Bye Vietnam" (phonetic for Go to Vietnam), and are back to saying "Boom Boom" (phonetic for sex).  Again, I do not expect a problem with extending my visa (which is a fairly straight-forward procedure as I stated above.  But if there is a problem, I have noted it here.  ["Airport" is another word now being said as I pass]. 

Regardless of how things turn out for me here in Chiang Mai, I have the following comments -  I like the Thai people here.  As I read before moving here, Thais are people, respectful and friendly.  I am certain that the smear against me here of being a pedophile was spread by Americans, most likely, evangelicals living here and/or corrupt members of the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence community.  (I heard it with my own ears shortly after moving into my present residence).  Because Southeast Asia is a haven for pedophiles, Thai people are especially sensitive to the issue, of course.  Thais, for the most part, respect Americans, so the smear is, no doubt, believed without question.  (I do understand that Thais here dislike my past obsessive viewing of adult porn, which I have written about).

The article below (in <<  >>’s) about the FBI's illegal misuse of surveillance to harass Martin Luther King is relevant to the harassment against me (financial and psychological) since 2008.  The FBI's anonymous, threatening letter to MLK, containing typos and misspellings, was somewhat similar to "popi"'s second email to me.  I have bolded and underlined portions of the below article, followed by my comments in brackets -  <<  (title) “FBI's ‘Suicide Letter’ to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Dangers of Unchecked Surveillance” (by Dia Kayyali; posted in on November 12, 2014) --. <<  The New York Times has published an unredacted version of the famous “suicide letter” from the FBI to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  The letter, recently discovered by historian and professor Beverly Gage, is a disturbing document.  But it’s also something that everyone in the United States should read, because it demonstrates exactly what lengths the intelligence community is willing to go to, and what happens when they take the fruits of the surveillance they’ve done and unleash it on a target.  The anonymous letter  [my comment - All articles about me, recently posted online, were anonymously written and were attempts to discredit and threaten me.  Also, the two emails which I received from an anonymous person “popi” - who I am certain is a corrupt member in, or associated with the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community - contained threats against me as well.]  was the result of the FBI’s comprehensive surveillance and harassment strategy against Dr. King, which included bugging his hotel rooms, photographic surveillance, and physical observation of King’s movements by FBI agents.  The agency also attempted to break up his marriage by sending selectively edited “personal moments he shared with friends and women” to his wife.  Portions of the letter had been previously redacted.  One of these portions contains a claim that the letter was written by another African/American - “King, look into your heart. You know you are a complete fraud and a great liability to all us Negroes.” … “We will now have to depend on our older leaders like Wilkins, a man of character and thank God we have others like him. But you are done.”  This line is key, because part of the FBI’s strategy was to try to fracture movements and pit leaders against one another.  The entire letter could have been taken from a page of GCHQ’s Joint Threat Research and Intelligence Group (JTRIG), though perhaps as an email or series of tweets.  The British spying agency, GCHQ, is one of the NSA’s closest partners.  The mission of JTRIG … is to “destroy, deny, degrade [and] disrupt enemies by discrediting them."  [my comment -  An anonymous online article about me used nearly identical language.  It was published in October 2016 and entitled "Former Clearwater Florida City Attorney criticizes Dr. Lorraine Sheridan’ on gang stalking,"  The anonymous article contains several threats against me.  No doubt, it was created by a corrupt person(s) in, or associated with, the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community concerned about the few, but growing number of, legitimate websites, like mine, about gangstalking.  I contend that the above community is at the heart of gangstalking.  The anonymous article about me begins - "As academics, ‘crisis PR’ professionals, and journalists scramble over each other face to ass to deny, obfuscate, dismiss, discredit, deny and destroy the narrative of individuals who have endured ... gang stalking"].  And there’s little reason to believe the NSA and FBI aren’t using such tactics.  The implications of these types of strategies in the digital age are chilling ... The newly unredacted portions shed light on the government’s sordid scheme to harass and discredit Dr. King.  One paragraph states - “No person can overcome the facts, no even a fraud like yourself.  Lend your sexually psychotic ear to the enclosure. You will find yourself and in all your dirt, filth, evil and moronic talk exposed on the record for all time … Listen to yourself, you filthy, abnormal animal. You are on the record.”  And, of course, the letter ends with an ominous threat - “King, there is only one thing left for you to do. You know what it is ... "  There's a lesson to learn here - history must play a central role in the debate around spying today. As Professor Gage states “Should intelligence agencies be able to sweep our email, read our texts, track our phone calls, locate us by GPS?  Much of the conversation swirls around the possibility that agencies like the NSA and FBI will use such information not to serve national security but to carry out personal and political vendettas  [my comment -  As I wrote in my two websites and in my FBI complaints, I dated the wife of the fourth highest member of the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office while I was her divorce attorney and neighbor.  According to my ex-girlfriend, her ex-husband’s best friend was an FBI agent who worked in a nearby city. I was secretly smeared as a pedophile or child molester as a result of a personal vendetta.  I viewed a lot of adult porn online, including some gay porn, while I was a Big Brother so it was easy for the ex-husband or or his cohorts to "stir the porn pot against me. My attempts to hire professionals to disprove the smear were always interfered with.]   >>

As I have written above, I contend that corrupt members of the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community, are behind the harassment and hacking against me in Florida and here in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where similar harassment continues.  Because of my viewing some gay porn online and having an anonymous gay chat, I am certain that American Christian evangelicals living here are behind the smear of my being a pedophile as they were in Pinellas County, Florida.  The evangelical community here numbers in the thousands.

The article below (in <<  >>’s) about the FBI's illegal misuse of surveillance to harass Martin Luther King is relevant to the harassment against me (financial and psychological) since 2008.  The FBI's anonymous, threatening letter to Dr. King, which intentionally contained typos and misspellings, was somewhat similar to "popi"'s second email to me, discussed above.  I have bolded and underlined portions of the below article, followed by my comments in brackets -

<<  (title) “FBI's ‘Suicide Letter’ to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Dangers of Unchecked Surveillance” (by Dia Kayyali; posted in on November 12, 2014) --
"The New York Times has published an unredacted version of the famous “suicide letter” from the FBI to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  The letter, recently discovered by historian and professor Beverly Gage, is a disturbing document.  But it’s also something that everyone in the United States should read, because it demonstrates exactly what lengths the intelligence community is willing to go to, and what happens when they take the fruits of the surveillance they’ve done and unleash it on a target.  The anonymous letter  [my comment - All articles about me, recently posted online, were anonymously written and were attempts to discredit and threaten me.  The second email I received from “popi,” discussed above - an anonymous person(s) who I am certain is a corrupt member of, or associated with, the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community - contained threats against me, together with
typos and misspellings.]  was the result of the FBI’s comprehensive surveillance and harassment strategy against Dr. King, which included bugging his hotel rooms, photographic surveillance, and physical observation of King’s movements by FBI agents ... Portions of the letter had been previously redacted.  One of these portions contains a claim that the letter was written by another African/American - “King, look into your heart. You know you are a complete fraud and a great liability to all us Negroes.” … “We will now have to depend on our older leaders like Wilkins, a man of character and thank God we have others like him. But you are done.”  This line is key, because part of the FBI’s strategy was to try to fracture movements and pit leaders against one another.  The entire letter could have been taken from a page of GCHQ’s Joint Threat Research and Intelligence Group (JTRIG), though perhaps as an email or series of tweets.  The British spying agency, GCHQ, is one of the NSA’s closest partners.  The mission of JTRIG … is to “destroy, deny, degrade [and] disrupt enemies by discrediting them."  [my comment -  An anonymous online article about me, discussed above, used nearly identical language.  It was published in October 2016 and entitled "Former Clearwater Florida City Attorney criticizes Dr. Lorraine Sheridan’ on gang stalking," discussed above.  The anonymous article contains several threats against me.  No doubt, it was created by a corrupt person(s) in, or associated with, the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community concerned about the few, but growing number of, legitimate websites, like mine, about gangstalking (organized psychological harassment).  I contend that the above community is at the heart of gangstalking.  The anonymous article about me begins - "As academics, ‘crisis PR’ professionals, and journalists scramble over each other face to ass to deny, obfuscate, dismiss, discredit, deny and destroy the narrative of individuals who have endured ... gang stalking"].  And there’s little reason to believe the NSA and FBI aren’t using such tactics.  The implications of these types of strategies in the digital age are chilling ... The newly unredacted portions shed light on the government’s sordid scheme to harass and discredit Dr. King.  One paragraph states - “No person can overcome the facts, no even a fraud like yourself.  Lend your sexually psychotic ear to the enclosure. You will find yourself and in all your dirt, filth, evil and moronic talk exposed on the record for all time … Listen to yourself, you filthy, abnormal animal. You are on the record.”  And, of course, the letter ends with an ominous threat - “King, there is only one thing left for you to do. You know what it is ... "  There's a lesson to learn here - history must play a central role in the debate around spying today. As Professor Gage states “Should intelligence agencies be able to sweep our email, read our texts, track our phone calls, locate us by GPS?  Much of the conversation swirls around the possibility that agencies like the NSA and FBI will use such information not to serve national security but to carry out personal and political vendettas  [my comment -  As I wrote in my two websites and in my FBI complaints, I dated the wife of the fourth highest member of the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office while I was her divorce attorney and neighbor.  Her ex-husband’s best friend was an FBI agent who worked in a nearby city, according to my ex-girlfriend.  I was secretly smeared as a pedophile or child molester as a result of a personal vendetta.  I viewed a lot of adult porn online, including some gay porn, while I was a Big Brother so it was easy for the ex-husband or or his cohorts to "stir the porn pot against me.  My attempts to hire professionals to disprove the smear were always interfered with.  The FBI's local Clearwater, Florida office did not investigate my detailed written complaint detailing the organized harassment against me by local law enforcement and other agencies; the hacking of my law office's and personal internet access (e.g., email accounts); and the secret smear against me.  After creating my websites about the gangstalking against me, I am being targeted by the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community for exposing it in some detail.  My harassment here in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and previously in Pinellas County, has involved American Christian evangelicals (e.g., George Greer in Pinellas County).  Evangelicals in Chiang Mai own and operate many NGO's, and number in the thousands.]  >>

I presume that my websites about organized financial and psychological harassment have been hacked to reduce traffic to them.  Although the following does regard the hacking of my websites, it does regard the hacking of an answer I posted on July 8, 2017 in the website to the questions - "Is gangstalking real? Also, is it true law enforcement are aware of such phenomena but refuse to admit its existence?”  I answered, that, based upon my first-hand experience, gangstalking is indeed real and that law enforcement officers in Pinellas County, Florida, where I lived, were not only aware of it - they were behind it.  I briefly discussed my situation and included my main website’s url link -  But I discovered yesterday (July 30, 2017) that the link has somehow been hacked.  My website's url address in my quora answer is correct.  And my website correctly displayed when I copied/pasted the address into the Google search box of my iphone and clicked it.  However, when I clicked the link in my quora answer, my website did not display.  Rather, an error message - "Safari cannot open the page because the server cannot be found" - displayed.  I looked in the search box while the error message displayed and discovered that my website’s url address had somehow been hacked to -  That is, the word “florida” was changed to “flirida”.  The hack was not immediately apparent because my lengthy url address does not entirely display in my search box without scrolling over to the right.

>>      "Another incident - A few months ago, a disabled retired attorney acquaintance (LeBron Free, Esq., [Clearwater, Florida]) told me that a friend of his, who dated the wife or ex-wife of a high ranking police officer and viewed porn, was beaten up a couple of times by, or through, law enforcement until he 'laid low.'  He warned me against any 'publication' of police harassment information.  [He also made a point of saying his friend was invited to attend President Obama's inaugural and that I wasn't invited [probably a racially motivated statement].  I wrote him a few days later that meeting him at Walmart [, Oldsmar] was 60/40 not a coincidence, and that whether what he told me was true, a threat, or both, I didn't know."

 >>      "Law enforcement have used persons, not in law enforcement, to harass me [e.g, Dominic Zanazzi].  Most of the several dates I had with women I met online, through dating sites such as and POF, were setups.  Yes.  For example, my first "date," after my relationship ended with my ex-girlfriend in early 2011, was with a Marina Shemwell (an executive with Chase Bank, Tampa).  After a brief first date, we had a get together with a few people.  Their 'conversation' involved being a Big Sister, being gay, etc.  [It was so obvious that the 'conversation' was scripted that I said so.  [Her biracial son, made a point of telling me about] a man dating a large number of women when in Europe (which I did).  [Another person spoke of] men being narcissistic and non-socialized (I have been vilified by many harassers within the past couple of years)."  [Another person -  I met with Tom O'Malley, Esq., an attorney friend of mine (or so I thought), about a year ago to help make some sense out of my harassment.  As stated above, members of local law enforcement don't like me talking around about their illegal harassment of me and, no doubt, had a person contact Tom to cover their misconduct.  The following are excerpts from my letter to him which I wrote after our meeting (except for the words in [ ]'s which I've added now) -  "You told me I seemed 'defensive' and you said 'I didn't ask you that' when you asked me about my porn viewing and I replied that I didn't view child porn.  How dare you.  You're damn right I'm defensive given what I've been through.  Your comments were similar to those of Judge Greer when I spoke with him..."  "You made a strange comment to me out of the blue - 'Sex and Belleview Biltmore.'  When I looked puzzled at you, you pointed to your head and said 'The mind.'  For your information, my ex-girlfriend and I stayed at the Belleview Biltmore a couple of times and had a good time.  I said to her, matter of factly, in the morning while we were still in bed, that it would be nice to wake up some morning with her arousing me (more details aren't necessary).  She became extremely angry and demanded to leave, but we stayed and had a good time.  [This was from the same woman who liked women's boobs, referred to a large bust as "power boobs" (consistent with her over-controlling core) wanted to take me to the 2001 Odyssey strip club for my birthday, which I gladly accepted ... One time she wanted to go 'upstairs' for us to hookup with a female stripper, but I declined because I didn't want fantasy to cross the line to reality.  She got a little angry about it.  This was also from the same woman who, when I asked her to split the cost of dinner (she made more than me), said I only asked her because I "got my rocks off" with her (we made love earlier).  How nice.  This was also from the same woman who, when we first started dating, told me she recently dated a 27 year old guy she met at Alley Cats with whom she had sex three times on their date.  I didn't ask her].  [An example of Jennifer's over-controlling core - While we were playing golf, I jokingly said "Yes maam" to her for some reason.  She then said something like "If you say that more often, we'll get along better."  I replied "Will you say 'Yes sir' to me?" and she replied "Fuck you sir, fuck you."  Jennifer, then an assistant principal, would insist I change any t.v. program involving handicapped people.  For example, once she yelled for me to change the t.v. show I was watching - I believe, it was a Discovery episode about protheses for children.]  You also said 'The police can arrest you anytime if they wanted to' or very similar words.  How dare you ..."  [Our "conversation" was interrupted by a text message or something similar which Tom said was from Pat Gaf[ ], a Clearwater attorney.  Tom asked me if I knew him.  It just so happened that Pat was the first attorney I called to replace me as my ex-girlfriend's attorney.  At some point during our "conversation, Tom said "Just think, your whole situation wouldn't happened if you never dated Jennifer."  After receiving Tom's letter in response, I wrote him that he didn't address any of the specific matters that I stated in my letter and asked if he denied making them.  He wrote a follow-up letter stating that he didn't read my whole letter and threw it away.  Right.  If Tom denies making any of the above statements, he would be lying].    

My Five Years of Systematic Police Harassment in Pinellas County, Florida (and Also Organized Psychological Harassment or Gangstalking by Community Members in Pinellas County and in the Foreign City Where I Now Live).

Last edited on March 29, 2019  (I have not changed words such as "recently" to correspond with the edit date).

(Note -  Adults only because some content is sexual and contains adult language.  The iphone's Reader View may not fully display the below text).

Summary  --   My name is Richard Griesinger.  During the 50 years I lived in Pinellas County, Florida USA, I was never harassed by local law enforcement until just days after my ex-girlfriend (Jennifer Brunner) started coming over to my house after we began dating.  She was the divorcing, soon to be ex-wife of the fourth highest member of the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office (Major Kirk Brunner, now retired).  His best friend (Dan) was a retired FBI agent who had worked in the nearby Tampa office, according to my ex-girlfriend.  I was her neighbor and had been her original divorce attorney.  She had told me of her five year plan of divorce, but called me a year later to represent her.  We dated from 2003 until 2011.  I was originally harassed just by Pinellas County Sheriff Office cruisers, then by members of other local law enforcement agencies and other agencies, e.g., the fire department and emergency medical services.  (This was similar to what Garrick Krlich of Hubbard, Ohio has alleged in his federal lawsuit (Krlich vs. Taafe et. al., filed in February 2017, and discussed below).  But because I continued to date my ex-girlfriend despite constant police harassment, the ex-husband or his cohorts tapped into a higher network of harassment and hacking.  This new hrassment lnvolved ordinary community members subtly harassing me in everyday places.  One method of this harassment has been people near me loudly talking about matters significant only to me.  For example, I took a video/youtube, discussed below, in a supermarket in Pinellas County of a man and woman, supposedly strangers, standing near me by the deli counter.  Among other matters which were directed at me, the man said "I like good white American" after talking about cheese.  The woman immediately said "Just like the African pictures!" and they both laughed.  I viewed interracial porn online, but should be nobody's business).  The new harassment also involved the financial disruption of my law office - phone, email accounts, and internet access (internet ads, etc.  I received constant phone calls from phony potential clients seeking an advertised free phone consultation.  During a two year period, I had only two new clients!  One day I received several identical junk email ads - entitled "Missing Clients?" - spaced only minutes apart.  I had to close my law office in 2012 because of this hacking and other dirty tricks.  Also, my personal iphone, email, and internet access were hacked to harass me - which continues.  Lastly, I have been harassed with veiled threats of disability and selective enforcement.  Because I continued dating my ex-girlfriend despite constant harassment, the ex-husband or his cohorts tapped into a higher network of harassment and I became the target of organized harassment in Pinellas County.  I referred to the harassment as "psychological lynching" in my 2013 detailed addendum to the color of law complaint which I filed with the FBI's Clearwater, Florida office the year before.  Significantly, I filed my complaints before I researched this type of harassment which has been variously referred to as organized harassment, organized group harassment, organized psychological harassment, group harassment, group stalking, cause stalking, vigilante stalking, organized stalking, no-touch torture, group psychological torture, mobbing, public mobbing, community mobbing, street theater, adult bullying, adult group bullying, but most often as, gangstalking or gang-stalking.  No doubt, some posts online were written by delusional persons, but, I contend, that the majority of websites, online articles, and posts in discussion forums have been created as intentional disinformation, discussed below.  Because similar psychological harassment still occurs even though I moved out of the country (Thailand), it must be directed and/or financed by corrupt persons associated with, or on behalf of, the U.S. law enforcement/intelligence/private contractor community.  (My website is not a commentary about the Thai government or police and I am not accusing either of wrongdoing).  For revenge, the ex-husband's cohorts in the Pinellas County Florida Sheriff's Office secretly, falsely smeared me as a pedophile.  It was easy to "stir the porn pot" against me because I viewed a lot of adult porn online, including some gay porn and had several sex chats, including one anonymous gay chat, while I was a Big Brother to a boy for several years (a good one).  But every time I tried to hire a local professional to disprove the insidious smear, I was always interfered with, discussed below.  Of course, law enforcement in Pinellas County always denied harassing me, let alone smearing me.  I filed a detailed addendum to my prior FBI complaint with the FBI's Clearwater, Florida field office requesting an investigation of -  (1) the illegal, systematic harassment by members of local law enforcement and other governmental agencies, as well as by ordinary community members, no doubt, on behalf of corrupt members of local law enforcement; (2) the financial disruption of my law office, including the hacking of its internet access, resulting in having to close my law office in 2012; (3) the hacking of my personal internet access, e.g., my iphones, prior computers, and email accounts, to harass me; (4) the secret smear of being a pedophile or child molester (e.g., as my neighbor, Lisa Usher, informed me); and (5) veiled threats of selective enforcement and disability.  As expected, neither the FBI nor the Justice Department investigated my color of law complaint.

An incident occurred in January 2010 in a room of the Clerk of Court's Office, Clearwater Courthouse, which I did not include in the addendum to my color of law complaint because it was so bizarre, but I did enter it in my computer's notes/diary after it occurred.  I was standing with my client, John Beg[ ], at a counter.  He was to my right and seated to my left was a built guy wearing a cap backwards.  While the guy was talking on his cellphone, he jokingly said -  "Yeah, we're driving him crazy and his girlfriend, Jennifer, is helping us."  Yes, that is what he said.  I accepted what the guy said about me as a little mind f--k, but I dismissed what he said about my ex-girlfriend.  But in retrospect, the ex-husband probably informed her that I was looking online to date another women, which I was.  Law enforcement probably channeled my ex-girlfriend's scorn against me.  (I had given up on her seeking therapy to resolve serious childhood issues which continued to negatively affect her and me as well). 

(The following matter does not regard police harassment, but it is significant in its own right -  I submitted a sworn affidavit to the Pinellas County School Board on February 23, 2012 regarding my ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Brunner.  She had told me that a couple of years earlier, her ex-husband, Retired Major Kirk Brunner, Pinellas County Sheriff's Office, was tipped off by local law enforcement that an ongoing police drug surveillance of a house in north Pinellas County spotted their adult son, Josh Brunner, there.  I believe Jennifer said the surveillance regarded the sale/distribution of oxycotin.  She and her mother put on wigs, of all things, and drove by the house in her mother's car.  She saw her ex-husband driving by the house in the opposite direction.  Jennifer asked me - a person with no educational background whatsoever - what she should do about a possible suspension she was handling of a black female student at Countryside High School, Clearwater, for a drug related matter, also oxycotin I believe she said.  She was an Assistant Principal at Countryside at the time.  Even Jennifer realized the hypocrisy of it all.  The Pinellas County School Board's attorney called me to discuss the matters stated in my affidavit, particularly the above incident.  Ironically, Jennifer is now an administrator with the Pinellas County School Board).

Despite my repeated efforts, the FBI's Clearwater field office did not investigate - (1) the illegal systematic harassment against me by police and others, (2) the hacking of my law office's internet access resulting in the closing of my office, (3) the hacking of my personal internet access (iphone and email) to harass me, (4) the smear of my being a pedophile or child molester, and (5) the threats of selective enforcement and disability.  I mailed a color of law complaint to the Clearwater field office of the FBI in 2012;  I mailed a lengthy, detailed addendum to the Clearwater office in May 2013;  I called and spoke with two FBI agents (Tampa and Clearwater) by phone; and I requested a meeting with an agent at the Clearwater office in 2011, I believe, and in 2014.  The agent I first met with (briefly) at the Clearwater office to complain of the police misconduct and threats, denied me a formal meeting.  He only briefly talked with me in the lobby saying his office had more important things to do.  I asked him if I could be tested/assessed by the FBI, but he informed me that the FBI doesn't conduct testing.  The only substantive question he asked me was whether I viewed any child pornography!  I answered of course not because I'm not a pedophile.  I offered to bring up my laptop (which was in my car), but he declined.  A Tampa agent I called said  "Are you trying to be smart? when he asked me if I had filed a grievance with the internal affairs department of the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office and I honestly answered it would have been a waste of time.  (Although I didn't discuss it with him, the color of law process doesn't require filing such a grievance).  On August 22, 2014, I again visited the FBI's Clearwater office to complain of continuing harassment, hacking, smear, and threats which occurred after I submitted my addendum.  This time, I was permitted a lengthy formal meeting with an agent (perhaps because of my comments in this website about being denied a formal meeting the first time, I don't know).  Agent Shannon Muldrow was courteous and attentive, but the conversation was basically one-way (with me doing most of the talking).  She didn't ask me any questions about the harassment, hacking, etc.  She did agree with me that the phone call in my above youtube ("Harassing Phone Call by Dominic P. Zanazzi - Pinellas County, Florida"), assuming it was made by my former client, was made only to harass and smear me (a fact easily determined).  I also told her that my neighbor across the street, Lisa Usher, said I was smeared by law enforcement officers who she rode her motorcycle with (another fact easily determined).  I told the agent that the smear of my being a pedophile was analogous to the smear of Richard Jewell being the Atlanta bomber.  False assumptions were made which seemed to perfectly fit law enforcement's false conclusion.  A police source accurately informed an overzealous news reporter that every cop in his station knew they got the right man, Mr. Jewell.  Even an FBI profile of Mr. Jewell zeroed in on him.  As a result, all 30,000 law enforcement personnel in the Atlanta area mistakenly believed that Jewell was their man.  The problem was that he was not the bomber.  Luckily for Mr. Jewell, the actual bomber was apprehended as the result of a chance traffic stop.    (Another example of incompetence of FBI agents handling an investigation concerned Steven Hatfill, a former biodefense researcher who was wrongfully suspected in the 2001 anthrax attacks.  There was also a "snowball of false assumptions" in the Central Park jogger case).  In my situation, local law enforcement officers acted criminally.  The main false assumptions in my situation are -  Because I viewed a lot of adult porn online (any kind) while a Big Brother, I must be a pedophile.  And because I viewed gay porn while a Big Brother, I must be a pedophile (as well as gay or bisexual).  As I have written, any testing (physical, psychological, polygraph, etc.) or assessment would disprove the false assumptions.  Of course, if my harassment is due to my dating my ex-girlfriend (which it is), the above is irrelevant.  Agent Muldrow said she checked records and the FBI has no record regarding my being a suspected pedophile - It better not.  But I replied that the smear in the community is more significant to me.  Her comment near the end of the meeting - asking me if I felt better having talked with her - was dismissive.  I didn't go to the Clearwater office for therapy; I went to try again to have the FBI investigate my complaints.  The very last thing that Agent Muldrow told me was "Be careful driving home."  I replied that her comment was strange or words to that effect, and she had some answer.  If she denied saying this, she would be lying.  The fact of my relationship with my ex-girlfriend and my extensive online porn activities should not have deterred the FBI from investigating, but I'm sure they did.  It is difficult to believe that the FBI's Clearwater field office is unaware of, at least, some of the illegal, systematic harassment by law enforcement officers and others.  Lastly, not one of the four FBI agents I spoke with (either in person or by phone) asked me a single question about the harassment, hacking, threats, or smear against me.

​I read an article stating that the color of law complaint process is seriously flawed because it relies upon the local FBI field office investigating alleged misconduct of local law enforcement officers and/or agencies.  The business and personal relationships existing among members of the FBI agents and other law enforcement officers can hamper investigations.  (Per my ex-girlfriend, her ex-husband's best friend, Dan [ ], is a retired FBI agent who worked out of the nearby Tampa office).  I read that in 2009, although there were over 10,000 color of law complaints filed, only 386 were investigated by the FBI.  No doubt, there were a large number of spurious complaints without merit on their face, but, only 3/100's of 1% of complaints investigated?

The following are excerpts of my addendum to my color of law complaint, noted with a  >>.  Comments I added later are noted with [ ]'s -

>>      "Despite all of the illegal harassment against me, I would understand and accept it if I were a child molester or pedophile.  I still don't know if my harassment has been more due to the ex-husband, true concerns of law enforcement, or other reasons.  I do know that the criminals are those harassing me.

>>      "I have been harassed by many people, who I know are not in law enforcement, such as Marina Shemwell, Cary McCord, Dominic Zanazzi [the person in the above "harassment call youtube], Don Runkle, etc.  A few of these people I previously spoke with about the police harassment [like Don Runkle].  I believe law enforcement doesn't like me talking around about their illegal harassment and have spoken with these people.  [The following regards a conversation I had with Don Runkle in 2012 -].  For example, in early 2012 [this was a mistake; I meant to write in early evening...] (Sunday evening around 8:00 p.m. to be exact), I parked behind a building adjacent to my law office to get some work done.  It was dark and no cars or people were around.  While I was still in my car, a car quickly pulled up next to me on the passenger side.  A guy got out of his car and stood there facing me for about a half minute without saying a word.  I could only see him from his belt to his mid-chest through my rolled up window.  It was intimidating because I had been harassed a lot before then.  He finally identified himself - It was Don Runkle, a business acquaintance who worked four offices from me [owner of RealtyNet, Palm Harbor] and who I liked.  I previously talked with his assistant and him about the police harassment.  Among many odd things he said to me that night was that his neighbor is now in prison for viewing child pornography and that his neighbor said it may have been planted!  (A friend of mine [David Kor[ ]] and his wife happened to see Don and I talking that night after leaving the restaurant next door [Sweet Tomatoes]).  [I responded the next day on October 8, 2012 with the following letter to Don -  'Don, It was obvious to me when we spoke by my car, that you were fielding for the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office.  To answer your questions, the most disgusting thing I've viewed online is none of your fucking business.  To answer your question whether I've viewed child porn or snuff online, inadvertently, that is an offensive question.'  [The answer is no, of course].  'You mentioned your friend is in prison for viewing child porn which you said may have been planted or inadvertently viewed - I say go fuck yourself.  You and/or the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office will not intimidate me.'  [Naturally, constant harassment by law enforcement has been intimidating at times, but not the smear that I am or could be a child molester.  I never before talked with Don as I wrote above, nor would I want to because he was always friendly with me]."  [Another example of the sub-surface smear against me occurred in my neighborhood in late 2013 or early 2014 - I had spoken with my neighbor, Lisa Usher, who lives across the street about the police harassment and its probable reasons.  She said that I didn't seem like a child molester (thanks Lisa), but then said that she rides (her motorcycle) with deputy sheriffs or law enforcement.  I asked her what she meant, but she refused to talk further saying "I don't want to be sued for slander"].

>>   "I assumed that law enforcement could monitor my porn viewing real time because I signed a waiver of privacy authorizing it when I applied to be a Big Brother as all applicants did.  I remember thinking that law enforcement wouldn't care because I was viewing adult consenting porn.  I was wrong.  Also, I didn't think that law enforcement would release my porn viewing to the public, but I was also wrong.  (Although the FBI could access one's online porn activities, no doubt, it was [Pinellas County Sheriff's Office] officers because only they had the motive).  [I was still dating my ex-girlfriend, despite constant police harassment].  The first time I realized my porn viewing was released to the public was at the Clearwater Courthouse in 2009.  (Of note, I was still dating my ex-girlfriend at the time).  I was standing at the metal detector with my client [Stan Shaw] on the fourth floor of the Clearwater Courthouse on our way to his hearing (Shaw v. Shaw) before [now] Retired Circuit Judge George W. Greer.  A female baliff, standing directly behind me, said "He's the one" to another baliff.  Whether this referred to my porn and/or was a smear of being a pedophile, I don't know.  At the end of the hearing, Judge Greer completed and signed an order form [white], then made a point of saying "I have a yellow copy and a pink copy for the attorneys.  I think I'll give you the yellow copy, Mr. [Richard] Weldon  (the opposing attorney), and I'll give you the pink copy, [addressing me].  You'd look good in pink, wouldn't you!" or very similar words.  He then turned and smiled at the baliff in chambers.  I immediately said "This is a Kirk Brunner (the ex-husband) thing, isn't it."  [Mr. Weldon stated in a letter to me (link below), in response to my request to sign an affidavit confirming the above, that the facts were essentially true, but he then couched his language probably because of the situation which an affidavit could place him in.].  Judge Greer tried to minimize his homophobic comment [which he made in open court under color of law; ironic because I'm not gay] by saying he made the same comment to David Kur[ ] (his law partner), but I didn't buy it.  [Judge Greer may have talked to his law partner this way perhaps, but it was clear he was covering himself.  I realized I was correct after my private meeting with him a few weeks which I requested (below).  [Judge Greer was a member of an evangelical Southern Baptist church, so any viewing of porn is sinful to him.  Clearwater, Florida is one of the 20 most conservative cities of over 100,000 population in the United States, home to many evangelicals.  My definition of a Christian Evangelical or Fundamentalist, an accurate one I believe, is a religious fanatic who is obsessed with converting others to his/her particular view of Christianity and who is more concerned with the perceived problems of others than his/her own problems.  The youtube below is a news report about group stalking and harassment by adult evangelicals against members of a University of Kansas sorority.  Per its website, the group "targets" key campuses in the south central U.S. and Its "strategy" is to "evangelize the campus"].  I hoped that Judge Greer would 'serve' as an informal go-between with law enforcement to tell me what the harassment was about.  [Harassment doesn't involve meaningful communication].  I expected that he would be judicious and objective, of course, but he wasn't.  In retrospect, I think he perceived me as a pedophile.  It was the most extraordinary conversation I've ever had.  [I can recall it almost verbatim].  For example, I discussed why I was being harassed - the ex-husband's revenge and my viewing porn while a Big Brother.  When I mentioned being a Big Brother, he exclaimed - "Big Brother, Big Brother!  I didn't say that!" (as if an interrogated suspect blurted out some fact unknown to anyone else).  When I discussed the ex-husband situation with him, he told me that powerful people can abuse their power (true enough).  While we were talking about local law enforcement, I said "What can they do to me, chain me to a wall and beat me?"  It was an innocent statement.  [In retrospect,] in Judge Greer's mind, my comment was probably a sign of arrogance - an attorney who thought he could get away with sexually abusing a child.  Judge Greer didn't say a word for a long time and grimaced at me.  He also rhetorically asked out of the blue - You think you're powerful, don't you?  I had no idea what he was talking about.  I pointed to the carpet and said - I'm here, then pointed halfway up to the ceiling and said - You're there, then pointed at the ceiling and said - Law enforcement's there.  He smiled and jokingly replied - Well, I have more power than law enforcement sometimes.  Out of the blue, he asked me if I was going to file a lawsuit [the one thing that he and local law enforcement officers would be concerned about].  He also told me he represented two gay men when he was in private practice and that they were beat up by Dunedin cops (before the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office took over).  There was no reason for him to tell me this, except as intimidation, but It didn't dawn on me at the time.  At one point in the conversation, I asked him what gays look like and he replied "Tall and skinny like you."  He ended the conversation bizarrely by saying - I'm going to tell law enforcement on you.  I thought it was a ridiculous and childish thing to say.  Again, it didn't dawn on me that he was serious.  About a year before, I attended a hearing (Buck v. Buck) before Judge Greer as a witness for my former client [actually, I was subpoenaed by the former attorney who represented my former client's wife].  He said - 'While you're under oath, I have a few questions I'd like to ask you, but they'll have to wait for a later time.'  I thought he was just being friendly.  [I will attest or testify, under oath, as to the above and agree to be polygraphed (by a non-local examiner without a law enforcement background), but I'm sure George Greer won't.  If he were to deny saying the above things, he would be lying]. 


                               News report about group stalking by evangelicals against university students

>>      [The following is verbatim from a list [signed in late 2009 or early 2010] of some incidents which my ex-girlfriend (Jennifer Brunner) and I witnessed together.  I asked her to initial those facts which were correct, not to initial those facts which were not, and to write "I don't know" or "I don't remember" if applicable.  She carefully read the list twice, line by line, before initialing].

"1.  At different times [in 2003], there were unmarked police cars [Pinellas County Sheriff's Office detective cars] near Rick's house when we first started dating.  Rick commented to me that this was a wrongful use of public money for a private purpose.  I also observed an unmarked police car [Pinellas County Sheriff's Office detective car] follow us from his home one evening.  [this was initialed "JB"].  

2.  On the way to Bon Apetite [in 2008 or 2009] where Rick was going to give an engagement ring to me, Rick stated that the way a Clearwater Police cruiser was driving may have been part of harassment.  On the way back to my house after dinner, a Clearwater Police cruiser turned in front of us (about one-half a block away) from the same intersection as the other cruiser previously turned into.  It was nighttime and no other cars were on Landmark Drive [actually it was Countryside Blvd].  The cruiser turned right on Masters Drive which is the turn that I take to drive home.  Rick turned right on Masters.  Then the cruiser turned left onto a small street.  Less than 5 seconds after Rick drove past the small street, the cruiser backed out of the street and went back to Landmark Drive [actually Countryside Blvd.].  I told Rick that the situation was very weird.  Rick replied, No Jennifer, that was not very weird, that was harassment.  [This was initialed "JB"].

3.  There was a [PCSO] deputy sheriff's cruiser parked in front of Rick's house.  The officer told Rick he was there because a Countryside High School student was at large.  Rick asked the officer to move, which he did reluctantly.  I told Rick to get the cruiser's license plate.  Rick said that it did not matter because there was nothing he could do anyway.  [This was initialed "JB"].

4.  After Rick called me to meet him for dinner at Ban Thai Restaurant, I saw a [Pinellas County Sheriff's Office] sheriff cruiser parked in front of the restaurant.  I commented to Rick that I had never seen a sheriff cruiser there.  [Jennifer wrote "No memory of this"].  

5.  Recently, when Rick and I went to the Boston Market in the evening, there were no cars in the parking lot.  Just after we parked, a [Pinellas County Sheriff's Office] sheriff's cruiser parked next to us.  It remained there when we finished dinner, and did not leave until after we left the parking lot.  [This was initialed "JB"].  

6.  Rick reported to the [Pinellas County Sheriff's Office] sheriff's office that [my ex-husband, Retired Major Kirk Brunner] committed domestic violence against [our adult son] on his birthday.  This information is what I told Rick during a dinner at Outback Steakhouse.  [When a Pinellas County Sheriff's Office deputy sheriff investigated the incident, my ex-girlfriend lied to the officer by saying I had made "false assumptions" in reporting the incident.  I did no such thing -  I accurately reported exactly what she told me at Outbacks].  Late the next evening (shortly after Rick left my house [about 11:00 p.m. or so], he came back to tell me that he was wrongfully stopped by a Clearwater Police a half a block from my house (i.e., a Clearwater Police Department cruiser was stopped at an intersection with a stop sign.  Rick said there were no other cars.  He further told me that he could either wait behind the cop who was stopped for over a minute or two, go around him to make a right turn, or do nothing.  [This was initialed "JB"].  

7.  On the way to Home Depot or Staples, Rick said to expect deputy sheriff's and Clearwater Police cruisers before we got to Sonny's Restaurant (based on the way a [Pinellas County Sheriff's Office] sheriff's cruiser was driving.  We saw 6-7 cruisers within 3 minutes or so during a drive of about 1/4 mile.  [This was initialed "JB"].  

8.  When I yelled to Rick in his bedroom about a roach, two scream-like sounds went off on Rick's iphone which was in his pocket.  [Jennifer wrote "No memory'].  

9.  Just before Rick was BBQing, music started paying on his iphone (which was in his pocket).  [Jennifer wrote "Did not hear this"}.  

10.  Rick showed me an email from his client [Chris Czech] which stated that at a recent hearing with the judge present [Czech v. Czech; Circuit Judge Jack Helinger presiding; 2010, I believe], Rick's iphone started playing music just as the judge asked Rick to present his case.  [This was initialed "JB"].  

11.  My own iphone's alarm went off much earlier during the night than I had set it.  Also, the ringtone which went off was one I do not use.  [This was initialed "JB"]."  

​​[A few other police-related incidents involving my ex-girlfriend and me -  We were playing golf at a small par 3 course in Treasure Island, basically by ourselves.  As we approached the green of one hole, which abutted a seawall, there just happened to be a police boat (with "Police" prominently displayed on its side) anchored directly behind the green, close to and parallel with the seawall.   While we were dating, my ex-girlfriend told me that Pinellas County Sheriff's Office helicopters would often fly directly over her house.  I said it probably wasn't a coincidence.  A couple of years ago, an attorney told me that he learned, through discovery in a case he handled, that the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office had illegally flown helicopters over his client's house and he had to obtain an injunction to stop it].